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MetLife offers an array of products to help clients achieve financial security. It's important to return to the site to obtain the most up-to-date material.

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Enhanced Growth Plus Account (EGPA) Rate Flyer Self-Print MLR19000323026-7
Guaranteed Asset Account Rate Sheet Flyer Self-Print MLR19000323027-5
MetLife Fixed Interest Account Self-Print MLR19000573011-5MLIC
New Money Rate Sheet Flyer Self-Print MLR19000323028-8
MLR - FAS 157 Fair Value Measurement Guidance Overview Self-Print MLR19000340083-5
FFA Exclusive v1 Brochure Order MLR19000457004-14
FFA Exclusive Overview Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456003-6
FFA Non-Exclusive v2-3 Brochure Order MLR457005-14
FFA Non-Exclusive v2-3 Overview Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456004-7
Asset Allocation Portfolio Brochure Order MLR19000329023-10
FFA Product Website N/A MLR19000504069
FFA Prospectus* Order MLR19000341003
MFFS B & L - AK, MN, NJ, UT Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456023-7
MFFS B & L - CT Flyer Self-Print MLR19000513003-7
MFFS B & L - MA Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456018-7
MFFS B & L - NY Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456033-5
MFFS B & L - PA Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456006-7
MFFS B & L - all states except MT, NY, UT, WV Flyer Self-Print MLR19000546020-8
MFFS B & L - SEP/SIMPLE IRA - CT Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456026-6
MFFS TRS of Texas Flyer Self-Print MLR19000681001-5
MFFS e & e Bonus Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456021-6
MFFS e & e Bonus - Non-ERISA Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456007-7
MFFS e & e Bonus - MA Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456017-7
MFFS e & e Bonus - NY Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456032-7
MFFS Product Brochure Order MLR19000457001-14
Asset Allocation Portfolio Brochure Order MLR19000329023-10
MFFS Product Website N/A MLR19000504068-1
MFFS Prospectus* Order MLR19000341006
PPA Brochure Order MLR19000456040-13
PPA 403(b) Overview Flyer Self-Print MLR19000456001-7
Asset Allocation Portfolio Brochure Order MLR19000329023-10
PPA Product Website N/A MLR11072022
PPA Prospectus* Order MLR19000341001
EPPA Brochure Order MLR19000457003-13
EPPA TSA Overview Self-Print MLR19000456002-5
Asset Allocation Portfolio Brochure Order MLR19000329023-10
EPPA Product Website N/A MLR11082022
EPPA Prospectus* Order MLR19000341002

Product and/or materials may not be approved in all states and/or for all firms.

* Prospectuses are available in 3 formats:

  • Initial Summary Prospectus (“ISP”) must be provided to clients at point of sale.  
  • Updating Summary Prospectus (“USP”) is provided to in-force clients as part of their annual prospectus mailing.
  • Statutory Prospectus (full prospectus) is available for more detailed inquiries.