J.D. Power Certification

Customer service is the center of everything that we do at MetLife. This rings true across our Retirement & Income Solutions (RIS) businesses. We take particular care in providing the highest quality service to those who depend on annuities to fund their retirement, cover daily living costs, pay for medical expenses and more. Whether we are providing support for a pension risk transfer, an institutional income annuity, or a structured settlement annuity, MetLife strives to deliver consistent, reliable service that you and annuitants can fully depend on. 

Being committed to this ideal is just one part of the story. MetLife also goes to great lengths to objectively ensure that our customer service reaches the most rigorous standards. It is why we participate in the J.D. Power Customer Service Program the gold standard for evaluating customer service. This year, we are proud to say the scores for our Retirement & Income Solutions (RIS) Call Center, the heart of our customer service operations, earned “Outstanding Customer Service Experience” for Phone Support from J.D. Power. Receiving about 415,000 phone calls annually,1 this is the 6th year in a row that the Call Center has achieved this important recognition.

Annuitants rely on MetLife when they need us most 

Retirees and those who’ve settled a personal injury case—their lives are a financial balancing act. Sometimes, an individual has worked and saved their entire life in hopes of a comfortable retirement. Other times, an individual is unable to permanently return to work, and is therefore dependent on our payments for a consistent income. Regardless of circumstance, we understand that our payments are extremely important to an annuitant’s everyday needs. 

No matter where the customer is in their guaranteed income journey, MetLife strives to ensure that they receive exemplary customer service. While we offer digital tools to help navigate payments, the RIS Call Center is a place where customers can get answers to their questions, be heard, and find reassurance.

Why MetLife Invests in the J.D. Power Process: We Care Deeply for our Customers

J.D. Power certification is a respected certification that is well-recognized by both the business sector and the public. To qualify for certification, MetLife must meet or exceed J.D. Power’s rigorous metrics and high standards. Throughout the certification process, MetLife receives continuous feedback that helps improve internal processes and further elevate the customer service experience.

J.D. Power certification highlights MetLife’s commitment to stellar customer service and the outstanding work of our highly-trained Call Center associates. It allows us to celebrate their talent and publicly acknowledge their skills in building customer trust.

The J.D. Power Certification Process: Rigorous, Lengthy, and Detailed

The J.D. Power certification process is divided into three components:

  • Operational Benchmarking Questionnaire (OBQ). Once completed, the 70+ question questionnaire is submitted to J.D. Power, which benchmarks the Call Center’s metrics against those of our competitors.
  • Consultant On-Site Performance Assessment (COPA). During the 4-day on-site performance assessment, two J.D. Power consultants review MetLife’s procedures and processes to ensure that we are delivering the best quality customer service. Everyone from top management to new associates is interviewed during this phase.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey. Two hundred MetLife customers fill out the 30+ question customer satisfaction survey, which dives into their experiences with the Call Center. Only about 20% of companies that attempt to complete this survey receive a passing score.

Not only is certification a way to gather insightful metrics, the process, in and of itself, helps MetLife’s RIS Call Center reach greater heights of customer service, and provide customers with a positive, memorable experience.

Connect with MetLife Today

At MetLife, customer service is not a term we throw around lightly; it is a commitment we strive to excel at every day in every facet. Our RIS Call Center spends all year preparing for the certification process.

J.D. Power certification is selective and a seal of assurance that customers get the answers, knowledge, and prompt attention they need and deserve – every time they call. Whether it’s an employee receiving a pension or a claimant with a structured settlement, MetLife is here to support with our industry-leading customer service.

1 Based on 2024 RIS Call Center data.

MetLife’s Retirement & Income Solutions division, the company’s institutional retirement business, issues products through Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company, two wholly owned subsidiaries of MetLife, Inc. Retirement & Income Solutions issues products for transferred pension liabilities, stable value, institutional income annuities, benefits funding and structured settlements.

J.D. Power 2024 Certified Customer Service ProgramSM recognition is based on successful completion of an evaluation and exceeding a customer satisfaction benchmark through a survey of recent servicing interactions. For more information, visit www.jdpower.com/awards.

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