Structured Installment Sale

The Structured Installment Sale provides guaranteed income for qualifying property or business sales that are eligible for the installment method unde

What is a Structured Installment Sale?

The Structured Installment Sale is an annuity that allows you to defer potentially large capital gains tax and receive guaranteed installment payments over time. This installment sales approach allows you to choose what amount you’d like to receive now and how much you’d like to put into an annuity. The payment stream can be set to fit more immediate needs or help plan for the longer term, like retirement.


Structuring an Installment Sale

Taxes on the sale of a commercial property, home or business can be significant. By utilizing a Structured Installment Sale, your clients can defer and potentially lower the associated taxes.


Understanding Structured Installment Sales

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Structured Installment Sale Introduction and Case Example

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* This product is currently available in 49 U.S states plus PR, but not available in NY. All guarantees are subject to the financial strength and claims-paying ability of Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company.

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