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Risk Transfer & Other Post Retirement Benefits

Traditionally, defined benefit pension plans and post retirement benefit offerings, including retiree medical and retiree life benefits, have played a critical role in attracting and retaining employees. With rising healthcare costs, longevity risk and increased market volatility, plan sponsors continue to evaluate strategies to meet the long-term promise of these benefits. Given the long-term nature of these liabilities, plan sponsors are exposed to investment risk, interest rate risk and longevity risk, which create challenges around managing these liabilities.

MetLife offers several de-risking solutions that can help mitigate these risks, including:

  • Pension Risk Transfer
  • Retiree Medical Buyout
  • Retiree Life Buyout  

Through the years, MetLife has worked with companies to provide for the financial security of their retirees and beneficiaries. MetLife’s expertise in managing benefit liabilities helps its clients feel secure that their risks are well-managed and their retirees’ benefits are protected.

MetLife’s long history and experience in managing risk sets us apart. Learn more about how MetLife’s de-risking solutions supports our customers by reducing risk and uncertainty, and helping them deliver on their long-term promises:

Pension Risk Solutions

Settles a plan or a portion of a plan’s liabilities through an annuity buyout.

Retiree Medical Buyout

Eliminates or reduces ongoing operational and financial liability.

Retiree Life Solutions

Funding solutions that mitigate risk and offers financial security.

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