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2022 Structured Settlements Poll

Sep 13, 2022

Viewpoints from Claims Professionals – and How Brokers Can Help

The Poll addresses:

  • Who is most likely to recommend a structured settlement in personal physical injury cases?
  • How many claims departments have a formal structured settlement program?
  • How important a role do brokers play, and how can they help claims professionals better understand and recommend structured settlements?
90% of claims professionals believe structured settlement brokers play an important role in positioning the value of structured settlements.

Frontline claims professionals — claims adjusters, claims managers, directors/vice presidents of claims and other claims handlers — are influential in facilitating the purchase of a structured settlement, as are the brokers who advise them. 

Most Likely to Introduce Idea of a Structured Settlement

44 %

Claims Professionals

24 %

Defense Counsel

12 %

Claims Supervisors


Someone Else


Plaintiff Counsel

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Financial security for the seriously injured and their families

For decades, structured settlements have been used for personal physical injury claims to ensure that money meant to cover medical care and basic living expenses, or compensate for lost income, is not depleted too quickly. 

76% of claims professionals would use a structured settlement if they were a personal physical injury claimant.

Did you know?

Brokers can help calculate the cost of medical care, basic living expenses and family needs to demonstrate the value of structuring the settlement. 


Claims professionals not only handle personal physical injury cases, they (or their colleagues) also manage non-physical injury claims so there is also an opportunity for brokers to discuss the viability of structured settlement annuities for those cases, as well.  

Want more insights from the 2022 Structured Settlements Poll?


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