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2022 PRT Poll Infographic: Understanding the Rise of Pension De-Risking

Feb 15, 2023

MetLife’s 2022 PRT Poll findings show significant numbers of defined benefit (DB) pension plan sponsors moving forward with annuity buyouts and other pension risk transfer (PRT) activities amid today’s challenging economic landscape. In keeping with trends, two-thirds of plan sponsors believe that large PRT activities show no sign of slowing down. 

Read on to discover what major macroeconomic factors are motivating increased interest in de-risking.

A majority of plan sponsors are considering a pension risk transfer option in the next five years

9 in 10 Plan Sponsors likely to de-risk within 5 years

Sponsors are responding to multiple economic pressures

Geopolitical uncertainty, COVID-19 and other market developments are driving many plan sponsors to transfer pension risk.

Impact of specific market forces on de-risking initiatives 

C-Suite executives are actively responding to market pressures impacting their defined benefit pension plans

With recessionary concerns looming, C-suite executives are scrutinizing their company’s financial performance and taking a more active role in de-risking initiatives.

C-suite recent DB plan actions

Interest in annuity buyouts is rising fast

More than half of plan sponsors are now likely to pursue buyouts to achieve de-risking goals, up 23% since 2020

Increase in plan sponsors likely to seek annuity buyouts:

34 % 2020
57 % 2022
Among those seeking an annuity buyout, 62% of plan sponsors will secure a buyout with a retiree lift-out"

Over 100 Years of Annuities Experience

When it comes to reducing pension risk, 97% of plan sponsors prefer to work with an insurer that has significant, long-term experience.

MetLife introduced the first group annuity in 1921. Today, MetLife makes over $3.8 billion pension payments per year for nearly 885,000 group annuity participants.

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