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Additional Benefits

MetLife Advantages

Support, planning and protection when you need it most

You may be surprised by the features that come with your life insurance program. Many different services are available to help you and your family better prepare for life today and in the future. Depending on your employer's plan, you may be able to take advantage of the following:

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SUPPORT: Comfort and guidance for challenging times Collapsed Expanded

Assistance for challenging times comes in a variety of benefits.

  • Grief Counseling1: This service is available on Basic Group Term Life coverage at no additional cost and provides you, your dependents and your beneficiaries with resources to help cope with a loss. No matter the circumstances, whether it’s a death, an illness, a divorce, even a child leaving home, there are resources that can help.
  • Delivering the Promise®: This decision-support program helps beneficiaries sort through the details and questions involved with claims and important financial matters.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)2: You and your immediate family may receive confidential, professional counseling for behavioral, health and life issues.
  • Total Control Account® (TCA)3: Also known as a retained asset account, this life settlement option helps your beneficiaries manage life insurance proceeds and provides easy and immediate access to their funds.
  • Travel Assistance with Identity Theft Solutions4: Travel Assistance offers you and your family access to emergency services while traveling domestically or internationally and provides travel information you can take advantage of today. Identity Theft Solutions educates you on preventing an identity theft occurrence and provides personal assistance and guidance to help alleviate the stress and time burden that victims often face. Travel Assistance also includes concierge services designed to fulfill various travel and entertainment requests, as well as arrangements for business-related services.
PLANNING: Professional and in-person resources when it matters Collapsed Expanded

With our Supplemental Life insurance plans, MetLife offers face-to-face legal services that include personal access to one of Hyatt Legal Plans’ 13,000 network attorneys when it matters most.

  • Will Preparation5: You or your spouse/domestic partner can take advantage of MetLife's face-to-face legal services to prepare a Will, Living Will, or Power of Attorney. Or, you can choose an out-of-network attorney with set-fee reimbursement. This is more than a one-time opportunity, since you will be able to access an attorney as many times as you need to make updates to these documents.
  • Estate Resolution Services (ERS)SM5: MetLife's comprehensive Estate Resolution Services are a cut above the rest. With ERS, executors/administrators may receive face-to-face legal assistance with probating your and your spouse's/domestic partner's estates. Beneficiaries can also consult an attorney for general questions about the probate process.

Online legal services are available to anyone, regardless of the type of life insurance you have.

  • WillsCenter.com6: If you want to take things at your own pace, you can visit, an online document preparation service that can help you or your spouse/domestic partner prepare a Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney and HIPAA Authorization form 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Caregivers of those with special needs require unique support.

  • MetLife Center for Special Needs Planning7: Helping to secure the future of you loved one with special needs is just as important as protecting their quality of life. You and your family may take advantage of planning services to help navigate the maze of legal and financial complexities when planning for the future financial well-being of your dependent.

MetLife helps your beneficiaries with important financial and personal decisions at a difficult time.

  • Funeral Planning Guide: This online tool allows you to document important financial information and decisions now so that your loved ones and beneficiaries have a useful guide to your final wishes. Download the Funeral Planning Guide
  • retirewise®: A four-part workshop series that offers you comprehensive retirement education. You also have the option to meet with a local financial professional to discuss your specific circumstances and individual goals.
PROTECTION: Range of solutions for continuing workplace coverage Collapsed Expanded

MetLife provides coverage you need now and in the future.

  • Portability8: Some of MetLife's plans offer you the option to "port" or take your coverage with you if you become separated from or leave your company. That's a valuable feature in today's ever changing world.
  • Transition Solutions9: Offers insurance and other financial products and services to help you and your family better prepare for your future in response to benefit changing events.

Whatever your needs may be, MetLife AdvantagesSM offers the services that help you get more out of your life insurance plan.