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Vision PPO

Save up to 60% on vision ware and services*

Vision PPO

MetLife Vision is a vision preferred provider organization (PPO) plan. You have the flexibility to go to any licensed eye care professional and save on your care.

Great savings are in sight

  • Enjoy deep discounts on vision wear and services— the network also features a large selection of private practices, which usually charge less than retail locations.
  • Get additional savings on a second pair of glasses, non-prescription sunglasses, laser vision correction and more.1
  • Cut your costs with coverage for a range of name brand lens options and customize your eyewear to meet your needs.

Service that puts you on top

  • Go to any licensed vision care specialist or choose from a large network of ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians— including best-in-class retailers like Costco® Optical and Visionworks.
  • Take advantage of our service agreement with Walmart and Sam's Club, they check your eligibility and process claims even though they are out of network.
  • Participating vision care specialists handle claims for you, so there is less paperwork—plus, you can manage your plan 24/7 by phone or online.
  • Read the latest on vision conditions and services, picking the perfect frames and more— visit
How do I view my vision benefits? Collapsed Expanded

You will be able to view your vision benefits online once they are effective. Until then, please contact your benefits administrator for questions about your benefits.

How do I use my benefits? Collapsed Expanded

Whether you choose to see a participating provider or not, using your vision coverage is simple and convenient.

  • Select Find a Vision Provider to find an eye care provider who is right for you.
  • Review your plan coverage before your appointment.
  • At your appointment, tell them you have the MetLife Vision plan. No ID card is necessary.

MetLife will handle the rest – there are no claim forms to complete when you see participating provider. If you visit an out-of-network provider, you will pay the provider in full for the services and eyewear received at the time of your appointment, including taxes. Then you will submit a completed MetLife Vision claim form and itemized receipt to: MetLife Vision; PO Box 997565; Sacramento, CA 95899-7565.

Do I have to visit a participating provider to get coverage? Collapsed Expanded

No. You can visit any provider. However, your out-of-pocket costs are usually lower when you visit an in-network provider, and you have the opportunity to save even more.

Do my dependents have to visit the same provider that I select? Collapsed Expanded

No, you and your dependents each have the freedom to choose any provider.

Do I need to file a claim? Collapsed Expanded

Not if you visit a participating provider or visit a Walmart or Sam's Club location. You do not need to file claims if you stay in-network for care. The participating provider will confirm your eligibility, submit the claim and calculate your out-of-pocket costs, if any, at the time of service. Additionally, MetLife has an agreement with Walmart that Walmart and Sam's Club locations to verify eligibility and submit claims. If you visit an out-of-network provider, you pay the provider in full for the services and eyewear received at the time of your appointment, including taxes, except Walmart and Sam's Club. Then you submit a completed MetLife Vision claim form and itemized receipt to: MetLife Vision; PO Box 997565; Sacramento, CA 95899-7565. Claim forms are available on MyBenefits or via phone once you've enrolled.

How do I locate a provider? Collapsed Expanded

With this plan, you have access to thousands of private practice optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians as well as top retail optical providers, like Costco® Optical, Visionworks, and more. You have the convenience to choose based upon your needs and preferences at the time of service. To locate a participating provider 24 hours a day, seven days a week, select Find a Vision Provider or call MetLife Vision for access to our 24/7 Interactive Voice Response system.

How can I check if a claim has been processed? Collapsed Expanded

If you used your benefits at a participating provider, you do not need to check the status of a claim, as we will work with the provider directly. If you filed an out-of-network claim, simply visit, our secure member website to check your claim history.

Do I need an ID card in order to use my benefit or discount? Collapsed Expanded

No, you do not need an ID card in order to get services through your vision plan.

I've used up my benefit, but would like to get another pair of eyeglasses. Are there other discounts available for additional purchases? Collapsed Expanded

Yes. Your vision plan includes discounts on additional services from participating private practice providers, including 20% off complete pairs of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Do I have to choose from a select set of eyewear or can I choose any eyewear and apply my benefits? Collapsed Expanded

You can choose the eyewear that is right for you and your budget. All participating private practice and retail locations offer a broad spectrum of eyewear options. From classic styles to the latest designer frames, you will find hundreds of options for you and your family.

Are contact lenses covered under this plan? Collapsed Expanded

Yes. Either contact lenses or glasses are allowed within the benefit frequency defined in your Schedule of Benefits.

Can I order my contact lenses through the mail? Collapsed Expanded

MetLife does not have an in-network mail order program. If you purchase contact lenses through the mail it will be out-of-network and you will need to submit your claim and receipts to MetLife for your out-of-network reimbursement.

Is laser vision correction covered under this plan? Collapsed Expanded

Yes, members can take advantage of discounts through contracted laser facilities. Discounts average 15% off or 5% off a promotional offer for laser vision surgery, including PRK, LASIK and Custom LASIK.

Custom laser vision correction only available using wavefront technology with the microkeratome surgical device. Other laser vision procedures may be performed at an additional cost to the member. Laser vision care discounts are only available from participating locations.

Can I get an eye examination from one provider and my glasses or contact lenses from another? Collapsed Expanded

Yes. Your MetLife Vision benefits allow you to get an eye examination from one provider and your glasses or contact lenses from another. You will need to check with your provider to see what their policy is for filling another doctor's prescription. However, please note, under this plan, only one lens benefit (either glasses or contact lenses) is allowed per frequency.

Vision Health Library

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