Additional Benefits

MetLife Advantages

Support, planning and protection when you need it most

You may be surprised by the features that come with your life insurance program. Many different services are available to help you and your family better prepare for life today and in the future. Depending on your employer's plan, you may be able to take advantage of the following:

  • Funeral Discounts & Planning Services1: Helping to alleviate the burden of making funeral arrangements from your loved ones. Get access to the largest network of funeral homes and cemeteries to pre-plan with a counselor and receive discounts on funeral services.
  • Will Preparation: Helping to ensure your final wishes are clear. Choose to work one-on-one with an attorney, in-person or on the phone, to prepare or update a will, living will or power of attorney.2 Or, do-it-yourself with our online will preparation services.3
  • Digital Legacy:4 Creating and sharing a digital legacy is easy with MetLife Infinity®. Use a digital application to store important documents securely such as deeds, wills, and personal photos and videos.
  • Retirement Planning:5 Retiring with confidence. Access workshops that offer comprehensive retirement and financial education to help you plan for the future, through our Retirewise program.
  • Transition Solutions:5 Having assistance when moving on from a company. Receive help with time-sensitive benefit and financial decisions so you can make the right choices during employment transitions.
  • Portability:6 Helping to prevent gaps in your coverage. Take your life insurance benefits with you at competitive group rates.
  • Employee Assistance Program:7 Getting help when it's needed most. Receive confidential, professional guidance and counseling services for behavioral, health and life issues.
  • Travel Assistance:8 Traveling with peace of mind. Access to medical, travel, and concierge services - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when traveling internationally or domestically.
  • Grief Counseling:9 Accessing professional support in a time of need. Meet in-person or by phone with a licensed counselor to help cope with a loss or major life change.
  • Funeral Assistance:9 Honoring a loved one’s life. Work with compassionate counselors that assist with customizing funeral arrangements with personalized one-on-one service.
  • Beneficiary Claim Assistance:5 Making the claims process easy. Your beneficiaries get guidance from experts as they work through their options and financial needs with our Delivering The Promise services.
  • Estate Resolution Services:10 Settling an estate with confidence. With unlimited consultations, either in person with an attorney or by phone, including court representations, you can feel confident you've made the right decisions.
  • Life Settlement Account:11 Reducing the pressure of immediate financial decisions. Your beneficiaries can take their time to make the right decision with a flexible settlement option that gives full access to policy funds while earning a guaranteed minimum interest rate.

1 Services and discounts are provided through a member of the Dignity Memorial® Network, a brand name used to identify a network of licensed funeral, cremation and cemetery providers that are affiliates of Service Corporation International (together with its affiliates, “SCI”), 1929 Allen Parkway, Houston, Texas. The online planning site is provided by SCI Shared Resources, LLC. SCI is not affiliated with MetLife, and the services provided by Dignity Memorial members are separate and apart from the insurance provided by MetLife. Not available in some states. SCI offers planning services, expert assistance, and bereavement travel services to anyone regardless of affiliation with MetLife. Discounts through Dignity Memorial’s network of funeral providers have been pre-negotiated. Not available where prohibited by law. If the group policy is issued in an approved state, the discount is available for funeral services held in any state except KY and NY, or where there is no Dignity Memorial presence (AK, MT, ND, SD, and WY). For TN, the funeral services discount is available for “At Need” services only. Not approved in AK, FL, KY, MT, ND, NY and WA.

2 Included with Supplemental Life Insurance. Will Preparation is offered by Hyatt Legal Plans, Inc., a MetLife company, Cleveland, Ohio. In certain states, legal services benefits are provided through insurance coverage underwritten by Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates, Warwick, Rhode Island. For New York sitused cases, the Will Preparation service is an expanded offering that includes office consultations and telephone advice for certain other legal matters beyond Will Preparation. Tax Planning and preparation of Living Trusts are not covered by the Will Preparation Service.

3 is a document service provided by SmartLegalForms, Inc., an affiliate of Epoq Group, Ltd. SmartLegalForms, Inc. is notaffiliated with MetLife and the service is separate and apart from any insurance or service provided by MetLife. The service does not provide access to an attorney, does not provide legal advice, and may not be suitable for your specific needs. Please consult with your financial, legal, and tax advisors for advice with respect to such matters. is available to anyone regardless of affiliation with MetLife.

4 MetLife Infinity is offered by MetLife Consumer Services, Inc., an affiliate of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. MetLife Infinity is available to anyone regardless of affiliation with MetLife.

5 MetLife administers the Delivering the Promise, Transition Solutions and Retirewise programs, but has arranged for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) to have specially-trained financial professionals offer financial education and, upon request, provide personal guidance to employees and former employees of companies providing these programs through MetLife.

6 To the maturity age specified in the certificate.

7 EAP services provided through an agreement with LifeWorks. LifeWorks is not a subsidiary or affiliate of MetLife. Information disclosed directly to LifeWorks is not disclosed to MetLife, and therefore is not subject to MetLife’s privacy policy.

Travel Assistance services are administered by AXA Assistance USA, Inc. Certain benefits provided under the Travel Assistance program are underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's London (not incorporated) through Lloyd's Illinois, Inc. Neither AXA Assistance USA Inc. nor the Lloyd's entities are affiliated with MetLife, and the services and benefits they provide are separate and apart from the insurance provided by MetLife.

9 Grief Counseling and Funeral Assistance services are provided through an agreement with LifeWorks. US Inc. LifeWorks is not an affiliate of MetLife, and the services LifeWorks provides are separate and apart from the insurance provided by MetLife. LifeWorks has a nationwide network of over 30,000 counselors. Counselors have master’s or doctoral degrees and are licensed professionals. The Grief Counseling program does not provide support for issues such as: domestic issues, parenting issues, or marital/relationship issues (other than a finalized divorce). For such issues, members should inquire with their human resources department about available company resources. This program is available to insureds, their dependents and beneficiaries who have received a serious medical diagnosis or suffered a loss. Events that may result in a loss are not covered under this program unless and until such loss has occurred. Services are not available in all jurisdictions and are subject to regulatory approval. Not available on all policy forms.

10 Included with Supplemental Life Insurance. MetLife Estate Resolution Services are offered by Hyatt Legal Plans, Inc., a MetLife company, Cleveland, Ohio. In certain states, legal services benefits are provided through insurance coverage underwritten by Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates, Warwick, Rhode Island. Certain services are not covered by Estate Resolution Services, including matters in which there is a conflict of interest between the executor and any beneficiary or heir and the estate; any disputes with the group policyholder, MetLife and/or any of its affiliates; any disputes involving statutory benefits; will contests or litigation outside probate court; appeals; court costs, filing fees, recording fees, transcripts, witness fees, expenses to a third party, judgments or fines; and frivolous or unethical matters.

11 Subject to state law, and/or group policyholder direction, the Total Control Account (TCA) is provided for all Life and AD&D benefits of $5,000 or more. The TCA is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any government agency. The assets backing TCA are maintained in MetLife's general account and are subject to MetLife's creditors. MetLife bears the investment risk of the assets backing the TCA, and expects to earn income sufficient to pay interest to TCA Accountholders and to provide a profit on the operation of the TCAs.