With EnrollNow it's easy for employees to enroll online with or without a financial professional.1


With EnrollNow employees can enroll in their employer-sponsored retirement plan online!
Let your employees know they can enroll online at metlife.com/enrollnow

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A new online enrollment experience is available for your employees!
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"We enjoy using the EnrollNow site as an option for enrollment. It has been a lifesaver during the pandemic!"

We enjoy using the EnrollNow site as an option for enrollment. It has been a lifesaver during the pandemic! I email the product and fund materials prior to our scheduled meetings and walk through EnrollNow steps while they are enrolling. It works smoothly! Some companies are now allowing in-person meetings at their HR locations, where I schedule appointments with employees to assist them with enrollment. It works quite well. Thank you for your support. You are awesome to work with!

Valerie Bevan, Financial Advisor
ValerieBevan FinancialAdvisor

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Online enrollment for MetLife-issued group retirement business provides a customized, secure, and streamlined process making it easy for eligible employees to enroll in their employer sponsored retirement plans. 

EnrollNow is the name of the online enrollment experience.

Online enrollment is user friendly and reduces incomplete and inaccurate applications.  

The web address is: www.metlife.com/enrollnow.

In addition to basic demographic information (address, phone, email, etc.) participants need their plan number (obtained from their employer), social security number and social security number(s) for any beneficiaries they name. 

The online enrollment experience supports PC/Macintosh computers, Apple iOS/Android tablets, and mobile devices that are able to run the latest versions of popular web browsers. The web experience is compatible across a reasonable range of current browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). While other browsers not mentioned may work on the site (or older versions of those listed), there may be some viewing and/or functionality limitations. 

Are the investment product prospectus and fact sheets available?

Eligible and current participants can visit www.metlife.com/retireready. Our retirement education website provides information, resources, and tools to help participants take positive actions towards achieving financial security. The site contains a library of educational materials along with non-biased information from trusted external sources.

Yes, an Agent/Representative can assist eligible employees with enrolling in their Non-ERISA plans that are not affiliated with an ERISA plan. 

Employees can self-enroll in cases where there is not an Agent/Representative available or if they feel comfortable enrolling themselves.  

If an enrollee needs assistance the Customer Solution Center number is 1-800-504-0740 and is listed on each page of the site.

Online enrollment for MetLife plans via EnrollNow is available for all Plan Service Center beginning January 2020. Plans already using online enrollment or a plan enrollment code at Empower will continue to enroll via the Plan Service Center (Empower).

Paper forms are still accepted but online enrollment is the industry standard and should be the primary method of enrollment. 

Online enrollment allows employees to elect a percentage of their compensation that they would like to defer. For plans that permit dollar amount deferrals the employer needs to provide their own internal forms or means for the participant to make this election.  

Enrollees will need to obtain that form from their plan sponsor or TPA. 

Using EnrollNow, enrollees will only need to enroll in the plan number that corresponds to the product they are electing. No vendor election form is required

The enrollee needs to obtain the applicable plan number from their employer for the specific plan they are eligible to participate. 

Success Story

Recently, MetLife Resources Sales Support received a lead from a TPA for an eligible employee requesting information about enrolling in their retirement plan. The lead was passed to a MassMutual Financial Professional2 who reached out to the employee and helped them enroll via EnrollNow. From receiving the lead to the initial contract, then enrollment, the entire process was successfully completed in less than two hours. EnrollNow simplifies and significantly shortens the lengthy paper-driven process into minutes.  

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1 Financial professionals are available to assist eligible enrollees for Non-ERISA plans that are not affiliated with an ERISA plan.

2 MassMutual Financial Professionals are registered representatives of MML Investors Services, LLC ("MMLIS"), a registered investment adviser and broker/dealer (Member FINRA and SIPC) and an affiliate of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company ("MassMutual"), a Massachusetts life insurance company. Neither MassMutual nor MMLIS is affiliated with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or any of its affiliates or Brighthouse Life Insurance Company.

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Any discussion of taxes is for general informational purposes only, does not purport to be complete or cover every situation, and should not be construed as legal, tax or accounting advice. Clients should confer with their own qualified legal, tax and accounting advisors as appropriate.

MetLife and its employees and representatives may not give legal advice. Clients should consult with, and rely on, their own independent legal advisors regarding their particular set of facts and circumstances. 

The plan document provides the terms of the plan. In general, if there are any conflicts between this material and the plan document, the plan document provisions are controlling.

MetLife and/or its affiliates ("MetLife") receive fees for providing administrative and recordkeeping services.  The fees may be deducted directly from the Participant's account, be paid for by the Employer, be paid from the Plan assets and/or paid from the fees deducted from Participant account values allocated to the mutual funds available under the Plan.  The fees can vary based upon the mutual funds that are available in the Plan and Plan Participants’ asset allocations.  Because different mutual funds pay different rates of compensation and rates of mutual fund compensation are subject to change from time to time, compensation received by MetLife varies based on the rates of compensation in effect from time to time.  MetLife may receive a finder’s fee from certain fund companies, which is additional compensation to MetLife.  MetLife may also impose separate transactional fees for certain Participant elected transactions that will be charged directly to Plan Participants unless paid by the Employer or the Plan.  MetLife may increase the annual administrative service fee charged to Participants’ accounts. MetLife may also pay a portion of the fees it collects to an entity that is designated as a directed trustee or directed custodian of the Plan; or to a third party administrator, or third party investment advisor.  MetLife may receive payments for administrative services provided under the third party investment advisory services. MetLife also receives compensation for administrative services on annuities that are issued by unaffiliated insurance companies. MetLife also receives fees with respect to annuities it issues, according to the terms of the annuity contracts and prospectuses, if applicable.   If you would like more information on the compensation that MetLife receives, contact your Employer.  MetLife may realize a profit from any of the fees described above.

Annuities are issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166. MetLife Investors Distribution Company (Member FINRA) makes available participation in variable annuities, as well as participation in mutual fund options through its Mutual Fund Select Portfolios, for certain retirement plans. Both are MetLife companies.

MetLife refers to Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and its affiliates.