Enrollment Communication Service

The key to better plan participation? Communicate.

The phrase, “If you build it, they will come,” may be true for many things, but it’s probably not enough to get employees to participate in their employer-sponsored retirement plan. If your employees didn't opt for enrollment when they were hired, they may need reminders, encouragement, or education about enrolling in the future.

Life is busy! We understand that enrolling employees in their retirement plan is likely not a high priority, but it should be!

How We Can Help

MetLife has the expertise and experience to deliver communications designed to reach your employees in more ways than you might expect. We will:

  • Review your plan enrollment goals and help assess that your communications plan and messaging support those goals
  • Assess the communication needs of your audience and help develop strategies and tactics to best reach them
  • Develop employee communications to support enrollment
  • Measure results of communications and enrollment participation
  • Do all the work for you on your timeline

Let Us Help

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