"EnrollNow is a much-improved process for the employees who are signing up versus using a paper enrollment form.

It only takes an average of 5-10 minutes and I have been able to easily walk them through the process and assist when needed on the phone or via video chat. I am thankful EnrollNow was implemented before it became essential that I use an on-line process due to the new way we must do business with no client face-to-face contact. I will continue to direct new hires this fall to EnrollNow. Thank you for your assistance in teaching me how the process works so that I may better assist the groups that I handle."

— Lottie Barcus, CLTC Investment Advisor Representative Financial Advisor, Westpoint Financial Group


"Love it! 

Takes about 10 minutes by phone with the client.”

— Carol Hopkins, Financial Advisor, Barnum Financial Group


"We have had a few people use the EnrollNow system and it has been great.

We have the instructions loaded in our Benefit Documents in our HR Self Service System and employees are easily able to access the instructions, which include our plan information, enroll, and send me the payroll reduction confirmation. I’m relieved I no longer need to send over the application, making sure that it’s current, and then get the paperwork back from the applicant and send it over to MetLife. This is much easier and I think that its resulted in more people signing up.”

—Amy Raider, Human Resources Director, The Bridge Family Center, Inc.


"We enjoy using the EnrollNow site as an option for enrollment. It has been a lifesaver during the pandemic!

We enjoy using the EnrollNow site as an option for enrollment. It has been a lifesaver during the pandemic! I email the product and fund materials prior to our scheduled meetings and walk through EnrollNow steps while they are enrolling. It works smoothly! Some companies are now allowing in-person meetings at their HR locations, where I schedule appointments with employees to assist them with enrollment. It works quite well. Thank you for your support. You are awesome to work with!”

—Valerie Bevan, Financial Advisor, MassMutual Northern California.

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