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Selling a real estate property or business can have significant tax implications. When a seller receives their sales proceeds in a lump sum, they face a large tax bill in the year of the sale.1 Our Structured Installment Sale solution can help reduce taxes on the proceeds, while providing a stream of guaranteed income over time to help secure their financial future.1,2

Advantages of a Structured Installment Sale:
  • Deferral of capital gain taxes1
  • Conversion of proceeds into a guaranteed income stream, immune to market volatility and performance2
  • Payments secured by a financially sound and trusted company3 
Joan’s story: Structured Installment Sale or Lump Sum?

Which option could help Joan potentially reduce taxes when she sells her real estate property?1

Real Estate Case Example

Learn how Mary uses a Structured Installment Sale to keep more of the proceeds when she sells her home.

Small Business Case Example

How much does Jose save on taxes with our solution when he sells his dental practice to help fund his retirement?1

Structured Installment Sale for Buyers

What is the buyer’s process and what documents are needed?