Tap into a global network

Are you an international healthcare provider outside of the United States looking to join our network? Being a provider in the MetLife Worldwide Benefits network means joining 335,000 direct pay providers in over 180 countries. Our members know that when they visit a preferred provider, they can expect quality care and seamless service.

Ready to join the MetLife Worldwide Benefits network?
Partnering with MetLife

Provider Benefits

Increased Business

As part of our  network, you’ll be included as a preferred direct pay provider on the MetLife Worldwide Benefits member portal, eBenefits. 

Around the clock support

Your office will have 24/7, toll-free access to our multilingual support staff, equipped to verify eligibility, handle billing inquiries, and more.

Expert Invoice Processing

Our direct pay network makes processing easy. Our team of expert examiners has extensive experience processing claims, ensuring accurate, timely payments. 

Direct Pay Process

Our direct billing process helps create a streamlined network experience for patients and providers. When you bill MetLife instead of the member, the member has a better experience with your establishment. Here’s a breakdown of how it works. 

Member presents ID card

Members present their MetLife Worldwide Benefits ID card and a form of identification when they arrive in your office.

Coverage verification

Your office’s staff uses the ID card to verify the patient’s coverage and benefits. 

Service is rendered

Your patient receives the service or services they came in for.

Invoice is submitted

Your office submits an invoice for the patient’s bill to MetLife using the information on the ID card. 

Claim is processed

MetLife processes your patient’s claim. 

Payment & EOB are sent

MetLife sends payment and an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to your office.

How to apply

Joining our network begins here. Complete the Hospital Profile Application form, and a MetLife Global Network Development team will contact you within 2 business days.