MetLife Employee Benefit Trends Study: Broker Benefits Strategies

MetLife Employee Benefit Trends

Examining Strategic Benefit Trends: What Employers and Employees Expect — and How Brokers can Deliver

Chapter Topics:

  • Behind the numbers: How company size impacts expectations
  • Cost-saving means different things to different clients
  • Employee perceptions: Helping employer clients understand the reality
  • Trends to watch: Emerging benefits attracting employer interest
  • Benefit trends resources at your fingertips

As benefit needs and strategic solutions evolve, one thing remains constant. Employers recognize the need for expert guidance from their benefits brokers and consultants. 

Employers rely on their brokers for more than cost savings, although that remains an essential ask. Today’s employers also expect their brokers to advise them on innovative benefits and upcoming trends, administration solutions, and regulatory and compliance issues.

In turn, brokers are diving deeper into segmentation to better understand and recommend tailored solutions that fit the specific needs of different clients. This specialized report, based on extensive data collected as part of MetLife’s 17th Annual Employee Benefit Trends Study, provides insights to help brokers tailor their strategies based on employer and employee expectations across company sizes, industry types, and generations.

Top employer expectations of broker expertise

Recommending cost saving alternatives
Providing prompt, effective service
Recommending product bundling to meet employee needs
Advising on healthcare reform requirements
Recommending new/innovative benefit solutions
Reducing the frequency and expense of claims

What employers want from their brokers

On the surface, employers’ expectations of their brokers and consultants haven’t changed much in recent years. In fact, the top expectations are tightly grouped and show minimal fluctuation from year to year. However, with a deeper dive into the responses, distinct differences regarding expectations emerge.

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