Opportunity is Knocking

MetLife Employee Benefit Trends

Opportunity is Knocking: How Benefits Lay the groundwork for a Thriving Workplace

1 min read November 28, 2019

Opportunity is Knocking

Employees continue to be pessimistic about their financial futures. So, they are showing more loyalty to their employers — whom they consider to be the foundation of their financial wellbeing. In turn, they’re seeking more support and guidance from employers when it comes to their benefit options. Employees feel these benefits reduce financial stress and anxiety, providing peace of mind for the unexpected.

This MetLife Study finds that while employees want more benefit options, they struggle to understand the practical usage and application of many non-medical benefits offered. Employers can capitalize on this news by sponsoring benefits that employees value, and by clearly communicating the financial advantages these benefits offer. Effective communication is a strong driver of an employee’s confidence in their benefit selections. Providing good employee education about benefits can increase satisfaction and help cultivate a happier, healthier and more loyal workforce.

By forming a relationship with the right carrier, employers have the opportunity to offer a benefits package that provides the right financial solutions for their employees across generations. Plus, offering a range of medical and non-medical benefits can be instrumental in helping employers meet their objectives of retaining talent, increasing productivity and controlling costs.

Opportunity is Knocking

Percentage of employees who consider work to be the foundation of their financial safety net.


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