Sizing Up Benefits Confidence

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Sizing Up Benefits Confidence: Employees Don't Fit Into a Mold. Neither Do Companies

2 min read November 28, 2019

Sizing Up Benefits Confidence

When it comes to building a happier and more productive workplace, employers know that employee benefits play a critical role. The more satisfied employees are with their benefits, the more satisfied they are with their jobs. This is an increasingly important consideration as companies shift their focus to retaining talent.

But while all companies want to reap the long-term rewards of dynamic benefits, they must adopt solutions that fit their own unique budgets, resources and long-term strategies. Despite the differences that exist among company sizes, challenges and goals, all employers can create a successful benefits program by effectively packaging the right mix of medical and non-medical products with a commitment to education, communication and open dialogue with their employees.

This MetLife Study reveals the 4 C’s of Benefits Confidence — Count, Coverage, Care and Clarity — providing an effective framework for companies to follow as they plan, execute and maintain their benefits program.

The 4 C’s of Benefits Confidence reinforce the importance of a truly comprehensive workplace benefits offering, ensuring employees across all company sizes have access to the right solutions to fit their needs, as well as the help and guidance necessary to make confident decisions.

Average Number of benefits offered by business size

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