Your Dental Visit Checklist

Referring to this checklist before your next dental appointment will make using your dental benefits easier. Here are a few things that will be helpful to take with you:

1/ A claim form

Having this will help with processing your benefits, especially if you are seeing a new dentist for the first time. Simply fill out the top of the form and let your dentist complete the rest.

2/ Your plan design

You should have a copy of your dental plan design in your dental enrollment kit. This information can be helpful because it contains important information about your coverage and can help you make informed decisions regarding your treatment options.

If you need another copy of your plan design, you

  • View your plan online at
  • Receive one via fax by calling 1-800-942-0854
  • Call 1-866-832-5756 if you don’t use your social security number for insurance information

3/ The date of your last treatment

If you’re visiting a new dentist, it’s helpful for them to know the last date on which you had a cleaning or x-rays, and any recent emergency or urgent care.