Direct Reimbursement Plan

Compare the Different Types of Dental Plans

Discount Plans

Brief overview:

Discount plans are not insurance plans. Instead, they offer access to dental treatment and dentists at a discounted fee.

What you pay:

You’ll pay a monthly or annual charge for access to dental treatment from participating dentists. These dentists have agreed to accept lower fees from you as payment for the treatment you are provided with. You may be responsible for a greater portion of the treatment cost than with other types of insurance plans.

Advantages Advantages:

There is generally no paperwork, annual limits or deductibles, but you must visit a participating dentist to receive the discount.

Advantages Be aware that:

MetLife does not offer discount plans.

This type of plan is not insurance and is not regulated by state insurance departments.

These types of plans are not offered in all states.

Out-of-pocket expenses are generally higher.

Dentists are not required to go through the rigorous credentialing process as those who participate in PPO, EPO and DHMO networks.

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