Language Assistance Program

MetLife’s Language Assistance Program offers you both a written translation and oral interpretation of personal and non-personal vital documentation.

Personal vital documents are any items that contain personal information, while non-personal vital documents are generic materials that do not contain personalized information. Documents defined as ‘vital' include enrollment forms; notices (HIPAA, consent, ERISA); Explanation of Benefits (EOB); certain letters (eligibility, participation, plan benefit, claims); and benefit overviews. Materials not included in our Language Assistance Program are ID cards, certificates and riders.

Written translation services

The written translation service offers you written documents in either Spanish or Chinese. Please note that only documents defined as ‘vital’ (see above) are eligible for written translation services.

Obtain translated documents Open the Language Assistance Program Notice to Insureds

Print the form

Check the box next to your requested language (Spanish or Chinese)

Mail the document needed to be translated, along with the completed form to:

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
PO Box 14587
Lexington, KY 40512


  • to indicate to who and where the translated document needs to be sent
  • to retain a copy of the material for your records
  • that it may take up to 21 calendar days to receive the translated documents

Oral interpretation services

The oral interpretation service provides an interpreter to you over the phone while you are visiting the dentist or any time you have questions about your MetLife dental benefits.

Contact an interpreter

Call the number on your ID card or 1-800-942-0854.

Have your social security or identification number ready when you call.

Currently, we offer interpreter services in more than 200 languages and dialects.

California-based plan participants can also request an interpreter on site at the dental office. This request can be obtained by calling the phone number above. Please note it will take approximately three days to schedule.