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Understanding your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement

An EOB statement is a summary of your processed claim(s) or pretreatment estimate(s), including services rendered, costs, and benefits paid.

It will contain all the information about the claim payment and should be filed with your personal dental records.

View a sample EOB statement with definitions of important terms.

The EOB includes:

  • Employee's name
  • Employee's ID number
  • Dentist who rendered treatment
  • Patient's name
  • Date processed
  • Claim reference number
  • Date services were performed
  • The tooth or area numbers
  • Procedure codes
  • Fee charged
  • PPO fee (if applicable)
  • Covered expense
  • Plan benefit
  • Description of service
  • Amount paid to dentist
  • Patient's out-of-pocket expenses
  • Amount paid towards maximum
  • Phone number and address of claim office

Finding a participating dentist

You can find the names, addresses, specialties, languages spoken and telephone numbers of participating dentists in your area by searching our online directory. Find a Dentist

Asking your dentist to join the MetLife PPO or DHMO network

It’s easy to submit a nomination online. Just complete the required information and, once submitted, we’ll contact that dentist with an invitation to join our dental networks.

Claim forms:

Completed claim form(s) can be mailed to MetLife at the following address:
MetLife Dental Claims
P.O. Box 981282
El Paso, TX 79998-1282
Or fax to 1-859-389-6505

Language assistance:

MetLife’s Language Assistance Program Program offers you written translation and oral interpretation services for both personal and non-personal vital documentation.