The Advantages of
Employee Care:

Creating Human-Centric Employee Experiences and Work Environments

Learn what benefits really matter to your employees in 2023

Did you know today's workforce is increasingly less satisfied with their benefits, creating a challenge for organizations trying to create a positive employee experience and improve employee retention?

Download this year's Employee Benefit Trends Study to find out:

  • What factors have the biggest impact on employee satisfaction 
  • Why you may be overestimating your employee's wellness
  • What employee care means to your workforce
  • The 5 ways employers can deliver care and increase happiness across the employee experience

Backed by 21 years of research, MetLife’s Employee Benefit Trends Study is the longest running report on trends in employee benefits and workforce dynamics. Our insights power the benefits landscape – helping employers make better decisions and reach talent management goals.

"The Employee Benefit Trends Study has become a really important reference piece that we use as a part of our strategy planning—it’s a highly regarded source of data." 

—  Justin Truckenbrod, President and Partner, Lockton Minneapolis

Employee Care Pays Off

In 2023, job satisfaction is low, the labor market is changing, and employers are struggling to maintain their workforce. Our research shows the solution is simple. When employees feel cared for, they’re more likely to be holistically healthy, happy, and satisfied.

Closing the gap between employee and employer perceptions

42 %

of employees don’t feel cared for by their employers

41 %

of employees are holistically healthy

61 %

of employees are satisfied with their benefits, the lowest point in the past decade

Inside this year’s study:

Chapter 1: The Importance of Holistic Well-Be

Employers are facing a labor market in flux, and employees are worse off than in recent years.


Chapter 2: Dimensionalizing Employee Care

What is employee care? Learn how our research backs a definition of care and unpacks what makes employees feel cared for.


Chapter 3: Delivering Care Through an Integra

See how care translates to action: recommended steps for demonstrating employee care across all elements


Putting Numbers to Work Podcast - Episode 4: The Advantages of Employee Care

Giving you the data, confidence and practical advice you need to transform insights to action and build a stronger, more productive and holistically healthy workforce.

In this episode, we discuss MetLife’s latest Employee Benefit Trends Study and its findings on the state of employer-employee relationships.