Hong Kong

How the Medical system works in Hong Kong

Thanks to qualified doctors and high-quality infrastructures. the healthcare system in Hong Kong is generally good. There's a public system, which is partly funded by the State, and a private system. The Hong Kong ID card is used as a health insurance card for coverage in all public facilities.

The Food and Health Bureau (FHB) supervises the public sector and the Department of Health (DH) monitors the private hospitals and clinics (registered in the medical clinics registry) - but the quality of medical care is the same in all facilities. The main difference is the level of comfort (choice of treating doctor, waiting time during consultation etc.) and the rates (higher in the private sector).

Healthcare costs in Hong Kong are the 2nd highest in the world (after the USA), so we strongly recommended you take out international private healthcare insurance.


Visiting a doctor in Hong Kong


A large proportion of doctors in Hong Kong have been trained in Anglo-Saxon countries and are fluent in English.

They are also very open to alternative medicine such as acupuncture and plant-based remedies.

Going to a private doctor reduces waiting time but will be more expensive. Make sure you keep all your bills so that you can be reimbursed by your health insurance!

Specialist Doctors

Consultation fees at a specialist doctor cost around HKD 735 (USD 95). Traditional Chinese medicine is very popular in Hong Kong and a wealth of specialties are on offer.

Being admitted to hospital in Hong Kong

Public Hospitals

If you have a Hong Kong ID card, you will be able to access public hospitals at a low rate. They provide high-quality services and advanced technology equipment, but waiting times are often long.

Private Hospitals

The services provided in the private sector are almost the same as in the public sector but they cost much more. For example, the average cost for childbirth can vary between HKD 17,886 (USD 2,300) and HKD 35,000 (USD 4,500).

Emergency services are available 24/7 but waiting times are very long.

In case of emergency, dial 999.


Buying medication in Hong Kong

Most pharmacies are open from 10am-7pm seven days a week.

Source: MSH International