Your MetLife plan



The support you need when you’re a world away

On this page, you’ll find information on how your MetLife Worldwide Benefits plan works and how we set you up for success on your assignment. Here’s everything you need to know to get started in five steps below: learn about our member welcome journey, register for eBenefits, download your ID card, find a doctor, and get to know your benefits. 

Setting you up for success 

We offer an enhanced onboarding process and are excited to enroll you in our member welcome journey — a series of emails on key topics about your specific MetLife benefits, program features, and tips on how to make the best of your assignment. The journey is unique to you and your family with content that’s most relevant to your specific situation. If you don’t see our email, search your spam folder for

Register for eBenefits 

Register for our website, eBenefits, where you can find a provider, review benefits, submit a claim, access wellness support, and more. We email you everything you need as part of the member welcome journey described above (or reference your ID card for all the information you need!). Visit the eBenefits page to more learn about eBenefits and how our registration webinar.

Get your ID card 

Find a doctor

We recommend finding a doctor in your host country before you need to see one. There are three easy ways to find a doctor near you:


Use our telemedicine network to connect to a doctor virtually. To learn more about this process, go to MetLifeWorldwide

Contact us

Contact us for a provider recommendation using the contact info on your ID card.

Search eBenefits

Search the Online Directory on eBenefits at Once logged in, click the “Find Providers” tab.

Know your benefits 

Understanding your benefits will help you know what procedures are covered and how much you may pay for them when you go to the doctor. Your plan also contains many benefits and value-added services to help keep you safe and healthy. Learn more about what’s available to you and how it all works.