Find a doctor

We have a large global network of more than 1.3 million direct pay providers that ensures you have a hassle-free experience when going to the doctor.

A direct pay provider is one who has agreed to bill MetLife directly instead of you. This makes going to a healthcare provider more convenient

Find a direct pay provider

There are three easy ways to find a doctor near you:


Use our telemedicine network to connect to a doctor virtually. To learn more about this process, go to

Contact us

Contact us for a provider recommendation using the contact info on your ID card.

Search eBenefits

Search the Online Directory on eBenefits at Once logged in, click the “Find Providers” tab.

Find a provider webinar 

Watch our find a provider webinar for a demonstration of how to use our telemedicine app as well as eBenefits.

Your ID card

Guarantee of Payment 

We offer complete flexibility in finding a doctor you love. If there are no direct pay providers in your location (or you already have a doctor), request a Guarantee of Payment from us to avoid paying out-of-pocket.



Pay and claim 


Add your doctor to our network 

We are focused on providing a hassle-free network experience to ensure you can easily access care without paying out-of-pocket, so we are actively growing our direct pay network. If your preferred provider isn’t in our network, you can nominate them to join. We will try to establish a direct pay arrangement with them if they’re interested.