Travel Tips

If you haven't yet left on assignment, here are some resources that can help you adjust to living and working abroad.

Pre-departure webinar

Watch our pre-departure webinar before you begin your new assignment. The webinar will provide recommendations for a successful transition as you begin your new adventure,  including items to take with you prior to departure and what to do once you’ve arrived in your new host country.

Based on our webinar, use our checklist to Now that you’ve watch


Learn about your new host country

To help you acclimate to your new host country, we’ve created some Country Guides on accessing Medical care in top expat locations. You can also learn more about the network in your new host country by reading our Network page.

Need a Certificate of Coverage?

If you ever need to provide a Certificate of Coverage to verify your insurance benefits, apply for a visa, or any other reason, you can download this at the touch of a button on our website, eBenefits. If you need special wording (for example, Schengen States, The Russian Federation, or additional COVID language) please contact Customer Service for help.

eBenefits spotlight: Travel Tools 

You can use the Travel Tools tab on eBenefits to get to know your new host country, read travel and transportation information, and help understand the medical infrastructure of your host country. Online travel tools include: risk map, global events, country risks, risk trends, comparative analysis, advisories, and more.