How the Medical system works in Malaysia

The healthcare system in Malaysia provides quality services. The medical network is properly developed and medical centers can be found everywhere, although it is more limited in rural areas.

The healthcare system in Malaysia is provided by the public and private sectors. The medical staff speak English as they have often received their training in the United Kingdom. Malaysia has been attracting an increasing number of people from Asia due to medical tourism.

Please remember to check that you are up-to-date with your vaccines before going to Malaysia.


Visiting a doctor in Malaysia

Seeing a GP

To see a GP in Malaysia, you need to go to a private or public hospital. Try to go to private hospitals as they usually offer shorter waiting times. Some GPs can also provide home visits.

Seeing a specialist doctor

You do not need to have a medical prescription to see a specialist doctor in Malaysia. You can choose your own specialist doctor at any time.

Remember to keep all your bills in order to receive the reimbursement of your medical expenses from your international health insurance provider in Malaysia.

Being admitted to hospital in Malaysia

There are different types of public hospitals in Malaysia:

  • General hospitals,
  • District hospitals,
  • Specialized medical facilities.

General hospitals are very appreciated and provide quality medical care. However, waiting times can be long.

Private hospitals provide a level of medical care that is similar to that in Western hospitals. Appointments can be obtained quickly and each hospital has several departments and specialists.

If you are hospitalized, whether on an emergency basis or not, you may be required to make cash advances for hospital fees before your admission.

In case of emergency

Medical emergencies: 999.

This is the number for public service ambulances. The service is slow, and the ambulances do not always have the necessary equipment. Private hospitals have their own ambulance service which is why you should try to turn to these.


Buying medication in Malaysia

Pharmacies are everywhere in Malaysia. They usually open between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. seven days a week and sell quality drugs. Please note that no drug can be delivered without a prescription.

Source: MSH International