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Reimagining the Healthcare Employee Experience

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MetLife’s 19th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study 2021

Protecting the Healthcare Workforce in a
Transformed World

Healthcare workers have shown remarkable resilience in the face of the immense pressures of the past year. However, even as employees move toward recovery, they’re still dealing with pandemic-related stressors. In fact, MetLife research reveals that healthcare employees are less likely to have seen an improvement in their physical and mental health when compared to the total workforce. Fortunately, employers can help. In this report, we detail the needs of employees in this new world, the tools employers can use to increase employee well-being, and how building an even more resilient workforce helps improve business outcomes as patients will benefit from a healthier workforce as well. Download full report

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A workforce that needs support

After a challenging year, healthcare employees are less mentally, physically, and financially healthy than their counterparts in other industries. Employers that provide support and resources can help them recover and thrive again—but it will take a focused effort. 

(EBTS Healthcare Infographic) 2 in 5 healthcare employees say that their employer is not offering benefits or programs to support and improve their well-being during the pandemic.

Support that accelerates pandemic recovery

The past year highlighted the importance of cultivating employee resilience, which helps people confront change, uncertainty, and stress in their work environment. Resilient employees are also more productive and engaged. Today’s healthcare employers can increase resilience in their workers—and spur their recovery—by offering benefits that help employees navigate a transformed world.

Why benefits matter

Sixty percent of healthcare employees say their employer offers a range of benefits that meet their personal and family needs. 

Among those that agree: 

(EBTS Healthcare Infographic) Stats: 83% are productive, 75% are engaged, 1.5x as likely to be holistically well, 30% are more likely to be resilient.

Building resilience for the future

Employers who focus on the changing needs of their workforce will improve their employees’ well-being. Employee benefits play a crucial role, especially when those benefits address the challenges connected to healthcare employees’ physical, mental, emotional, and financial health. Help your workforce prioritize their holistic well-being and your employees will recover more quickly and be better prepared for the future. 

If you don't think about your wellness and you stay in autopilot, you can be fine. But if you sit down and you really think about it, you realize, you are not okay.

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