Employee Benefit Trends

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Benefit Trends Study

Learn how employees are managing work-life stress during COVID-19 and how the right employer support can make all the difference.

Workplace outlook for Globally-Mobile Employees (Expats)


take pride in their work compared to 68% of non globally-mobile employees 


feel successful in both work and life, versus 66% of non globally-mobile employees 


think their work helps define who they are compared to just 55% of non globally-mobile employees 

Employers can attract, engage, and retain the best talent by helping employess thrive in work and in life


MetLife's Annual Employee Benefit Trends Study
15 mins
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Watch The 100 -- Uncover the stories behind our statistics

Meet the 100- an employee perspective on workplace trends.
We all know the stats behind the latest workplace trends, but what do they really mean for employees? Watch the video to hear their personal stories.