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Our worldwide health benefits plan is delivered with a personal touch, to give your globally mobile employees the support they need while they are a world away.

Customer Service Centers1

Our customer service centers are the local face of our global healthcare network, making it easy to access quality health-care without paying out-of-pocket. Our local experts are well-versed in the nuances of their region’s healthcare delivery systems and are ready to guide globally mobile employees through them.

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Our customer service centers are conveniently located across the globe, in Africa, Asia, Brazil, Europe, the Gulf, Mexico, the UK, the U.S. and Canada.

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Global Service Platform (GSP)

Our GSP connects all customer service centers and keeps the entire team — clients, brokers, evacuation services representatives, and account managers — on the same page.


The Customer Service Center Advantage

MetLife’s localized approach is built on long-standing relationships developed in markets around the globe, making it easier for employees traveling on assignment abroad to access quality care in unfamiliar territory.2

Local Experts

In-market experts with a deep understanding of regional regulations, customs, and the language reduce the challenges in receiving care abroad.

An Expansive, Expert Network

1.3 million carefully vetted providers catering specifically to globally mobile employees in over 180 countries.

Simplified Payments

Our large direct pay network means members won’t pay out-of-pocket. Your globally mobile employees are able to focus on what’s important — staying healthy.

How the Direct Pay Network Works

Our direct pay network means employees on assignment abroad don’t have to pay out-of-pocket and don’t have to file a claim. Here’s how it works:

Using the search function on eBenefits or the mobile app, employees working abroad can quickly find direct pay providers and make an appointment.

When the employee arrives at the direct pay provider's office, they show their ID card. The attendant recognizes the customer service center and calls to verify eligibility.

The direct pay provider bills MetLife directly. If needed, a billing specialist at the customer service center can speak to the provider in the local language.

MetLife reviews the invoice, making sure the price is correct, and determines whether the employee needs any other case management. MetLife pays the provider.

Emergency Evacuation Services

Our customer service teams are trained to coordinate all facets of an emergency evacuation remotely for any employees working abroad. Once the customer service center is notified of the emergency, staff will assess whether transport is needed, arrange necessary transport, and inform any family of the situation.

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Claim Service

Our direct pay network means claims are processed efficiently. If an employee visits an out-of-network provider, claims can be made 24/7 through eBenefits or the mobile app. MetLife will quickly process the claim, proactively reaching out to employees for missing information before denying any claims.

Some customer service centers are operated by MetLife affiliates and some by third parties contracted by MetLife.

2 Subject to applicable legal, contractual, and regulatory restrictions.

MetLife’s worldwide benefits products are underwritten by Delaware American Life Insurance Company, a MetLife affiliate domiciled at 600 North King Street, Wilmington, DE 19801, and other affiliates.