Understanding the Advantages of You

Dental insurance benefits are important. They protect you and your family and help you manage your dental care costs. Understanding how your dental benefits plan works will help you make informed decisions on treatment and your oral health.

The advantages of visiting a PPO dentist

1/ The most significant difference between a PPO dentist and a non-PPO dentist is the negotiated fees, the PPO dentist gives to the patient. PPO dentists generally offer 15% to 45% off their normal charges.

2/ PPO dentists have an acceptable billing practice accreditation.

3/ PPO dentists agree to a background check of their license, previous patient complaints and malpractice history. Only after approval are they accepted into the network.

Non-PPO dentists do not negotiate their fees and do not agree to have the insurance company, or a representative for them, review their practice information or credentials. Learn more about your PPO dental plan: