Home Safety

Landscaping for Safety

Landscaping Done Right: Safety and Savings

Landscaping is about more than just curb appeal. Learn how to keep your house safe and reduce energy bills. Read More
What Renters Insurance Might Not Cover

4 Things That Might Not Be Covered By Your Renters’ Insurance Policy

Renters’ Insurance is one of the least expensive policies to buy, so purchasing a policy can seem like a great deal. But don’t let any renter’s insurance policy lull you into a false sense of security — you need to do your homework. Find out what your renters insurance covers. Read More
Keep Your Laundry Room Safe

Mastering Disaster – Laundry Room Safety

Washing machines and dryers create thousands of dollars in water and fire damage loss each year. Learn some safety measures you can take in your laundry room. Keep your laundry room safe. Read More
Home Wiring Safety

Know Your Home’s Wiring

Your home’s wiring is hidden, so it can be difficult to spot problems before it’s too late. Help prevent wiring from sparking an electrical fire. Learn how home wiring works. Read More