Annuity Contract Holders

Find out how recent changes at MetLife may affect your annuity contract(s).
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MetLife has separated a portion of our individual life insurance and annuity business to establish a company called Brighthouse Financial, Inc. While we no longer sell individual annuities, we are committed to providing current customers with world-class service and support.

Call us at 1-800-638-7732 and we’ll be happy to help answer any questions you have.  


Frequently Asked Questions
Is my annuity still with MetLife or has it been transitioned to Brighthouse Financial? Expanded Collapsed

If you have an annuity contract that was issued by one of these companies, your annuity has been transitioned to Brighthouse Financial1:

  • First MetLife Investors Insurance Company (now named Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY)   
  • MetLife Insurance Company USA (now named Brighthouse Life Insurance Company)  
  • New England Life Insurance Company 


You should have received a letter in the mail explaining the move.

If you have an annuity contract that was issued by one of these companies, your annuity will remain with MetLife:        

  • General American Life Insurance Company   
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company   
  • Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company
How do I know which company issued my annuity? Expanded Collapsed

The issuing company for your contract can generally be found on the front page of your contract.

Who can I contact for more information? Expanded Collapsed

You can contact your financial professional with any questions, or reach MetLife at the numbers below:

  • For General Inquiries: 1-800-638-5433
  • Individual Annuities: 1-800-638-7732
What if I want to cancel, or make other changes to my contract? Expanded Collapsed

You may continue to do so, as provided for in your contract. The same terms and conditions apply to your contract. If you work with a financial professional, you can contact that financial professional at your discretion. 

1 Brighthouse annuities and life insurance are issued by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company, Charlotte, NC 28277 and in New York, only by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY, New York, NY 10017 and not by MetLife. MetLife, a registered service mark of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, is used under license to Brighthouse Services, LLC and its affiliates.