Internet Safety

Protect Your Identity When Applying for College

Keep Personal Data Safe during College Application Season

Make sure your personal and financial data are protected when applying to college online. Prevent identity theft with these tips. Read More
Teach Your Kids about Internet Safety

Is My Child Being Cyberbullied? 6 Questions to Start a Conversation

Approximately 1 in 4 teenagers experience cyberbullying before graduating high school. These tips can help you discuss internet safety with your child. Read More
Avoid Ticket Scams

Financial Fraud: Avoiding Ticket Scams

A ticket scam can cost more than just a missed event. It can be the root for future instances of identity theft and financial fraud. Avoid ticket scams and financial fraud with these tips. Read More
Create Better Passwords

Password Dos and Don’ts

We all know that keeping complex passwords can help keep cyber criminals away from our personal information online. But are we taking this advice seriously? Learn how to choose the right passwords. Read More
Don't Overshare Personal Information Online

TMI! Identity Thieves Target Oversharing Online

The internet is deeply integrated into our everyday lives, but for all of its benefits, it can also be a gateway for various types of identity theft. Know the risks of oversharing online. Read More
Identity Theft Protection for Military

ID Theft Prevention Checklist for Military Service Members

Military personnel can protect against identity theft – the number one complaint category for members of the military in 2014 – by taking the steps outlined in this checklist. Prevent identity theft. Read More
Keep Your Electronics Safe During Travel

Tips for Traveling with Electronics

Electronics are as much a part of travel as suitcases or sun block. Make sure your trip doesn’t get derailed by your gadgets. Follow these expert traveling tips. Read More
Dealing with Cyberbullying

After Winter Break: How to Respond to Cyberbullying

As winter break comes to a close, it’s important to keep in mind that while your family may have been on vacation, cyberbullying never ceases. Help your child deal with cyberbullying. Read More