The Next Innovation Wave

Bringing more women to the STEM table will have a profound impact on changing our world. Women need the toolssupport, and inspiration to thrive in delivering innovation at every stage of their STEM careers.

At the 2022 MetLife TXX conference, attendees gained key learnings and insights to:        

  • Guide women seeking a career change or advancing in their STEM careers
  • Develop, support, and sustain the existing female STEM workforce
  • Encourage women to become change agents in their workplace and community
  • Empower and inspire women to evolve in STEM leadership roles

Featured speakers included:

  • Serena Williams, global & cultural icon, managing partner, Serena Ventures
  • Emily Calandrelli, MIT-engineer turned Emmy-nominated science TV host & executive producer
  • Ellen Pao, tech investor, advocate, author, Project Include
  • Carla Harris, senior client advisor, Morgan Stanley
2022 Highlights