The Humanity Imperative: Achieving STEM Equity in the AI Age

2023’s astounding technological developments in artificial intelligence promised to reshape the dynamics of “The Next Innovation Wave.”

Harnessing the power of these tools, women can have a profound impact on solving the world’s most pressing socioeconomic challenges. 

The urgency has increased for STEM industries to uproot gender bias, uplevel inclusion and embed an accountability culture to clear the path for success. The agenda for the 2023 MetLife TTX conference brought together noteworthy thought leaders from a broad range of arenas to address and propel forward this very timely topic. 

The two-day dialogue was designed to:

Featured speakers included:

  • America Ferrara, award-winning actress, activist & author       
  • Jeffrey Katzenberg, entertainment icon, entrepreneur, co-founder: Dreamworks SKG & WndrCo        
  • Katya Echazarreta, first Mexican-born woman in space, electrical engineer, advocate
  • and many more...