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Professional Success

Bringing the Future of Work into Focus
Bringing the Future of Work into Focus
How can we prepare for the future of work? Learn more about how we’re helping our employees thrive in the digital economy.
Career Advice: Crystal Beach
What I Wish I Knew: Crystal Beach
What do you wish you knew when you graduated? Crystal Beach shares what she wishes she knew before her first job.
What I Wish I Knew: Nico Eggert
What I Wish I Knew: Nico Eggert
What do you wish you knew when you graduated? Nico Eggert shares what he wishes he knew before his first job.
Career Advice: Brittany Daniels
What I Wish I Knew: Brittany Daniels
What do you wish you knew when you graduated? Brittany Daniels shares what she wishes she knew before her first job.
Shift Company Culture
3 Ways Companies Are Shifting Cultures to Improve Work Life
In today’s competitive job market, company culture is definitely a new currency. Here are three ways companies can better engage their workforce.
Career Advice: Sean Nicolello
What I Wish I Knew: Sean Nicolello
What do you wish you knew when you graduated? Sean Nicolello shares what he wishes he knew before his first job.
Career Advice: Adriana Briones
What I Wish I Knew: Adriana Briones
What do you wish you knew when you graduated? Adriana Briones shares what she wishes she knew before her first job.
Sustainability Tips
Be Green at Work with These 4 New Habits Today
Green habits at work can make a big impact. Help your workplace become greener with these tips.
Cindy Pace on Purpose at Work
How Embracing Change Can Help Shape the Future
As the way we work, live and interact changes, how can women keep up? Cindy Pace discusses how finding your purpose can help transform the future.
Take Your Vacation Days
Paid Time Off: Use it Before You Lose It
You don’t need a cash windfall to reclaim the time off you’ve earned this year at work. Try these creative ways to use your PTO.
Understanding Your Benefits When Changing Jobs
Changing Jobs? 3 Benefits Questions to Ask Before You Do
Your employee benefits won’t follow you from one job to the next. Answer these important benefits questions before changing jobs.
Life Insurance Tips for Freelancers
Life Insurance for Freelancers: What You Need to Know
Fluctuating income is one of the challenges of freelancing, so it can be tough to cover all your insurance needs. Here’s what you should know about life insurance.
Funding a Year Off
6 Tips for Funding a Year off Work
Leaving a full time job can be a big financial risk. Follow these tips to help fund a year off work.
Improve Your Meetings at Work
How to Have Fewer, Better Meetings
Meeting overload can leave you feeling undervalued, uninspired and disconnected from your work. Here’s how to make better meetings a reality.
Helpful Apps for Household Tasks
6 Household Tasks You Can Outsource to Help Keep the Peace at Home
Figuring out the best way to divide household responsibilities can be difficult. Outsource these six tasks to help beat stress.
Summer Budgeting for Freelancers
Freelancers: What to Do When Work Slows Down Over the Summer
Want to make the most of your summer downtime? Here are three tips freelancers can embrace to get ahead.
Transparency at Work
3 Effective Ways to Create Workplace Transparency
How can you make sure your employees are aligned with your business objectives? Shift your workplace culture toward openness and transparency.
Elizabeth Nieto on Diversity and Inclusion
Elizabeth Nieto Thinks Inclusion is Every Employee’s Job
Are you bringing your whole self to work each day? Elizabeth Nieto discusses MetLife’s Diversity and Inclusion impact.
Tips for Better Team Building
Beyond Happy Hour: 5 Innovative Team Building Activities
Happy hour can be fun, but there are deeper ways to connect with colleagues. Try any of these five team building activities.
Improve Your Listening Skills
Listen Up: The Skill You Need to Get Ahead at Work
When it comes to professional development, are you working on your soft skills? Boost your active listening skills today.
Georgette Piligian on Change
How to Adapt to a Changing World
Georgette Piligian, SVP, Americas Operations, discusses how change is inevitable – at home, at work and in the world. Learn how MetLife adapts to a changing world.
Self-Care Tips at Work
Self-Care Tips for Better Work/Life Blending
Creating harmony throughout your day can take some extra effort. These self-care tips can help you feel your best at work and home.
Vacation Planning at Work
Pre-Vacation Habits Your Team Will Love
As a busy and valued employee, there may never be a “perfect” time for you to take a vacation. Follow these tips before taking time off from work.
Jumpstart Your Career
4 Career Growth Strategies You Need to Know
Feel like you’re in a career rut? It’s not uncommon. These tips can help you re-energize your career right now.
Lose These Bad Habits at Work
Break These Bad Habits at Work
Are you setting yourself up for success in the workplace? Fix these bad work habits today.
New Ways to Work
New Work Styles that Actually Work
There have never been more choices for where and when you work. Is your work style working for you?
Small Business Advisors You Need
5 Advisors Every Small Business Owner Needs
As a small business owner, an inner circle of experts can provide the right guidance when you need it most. Here’s how to build your advisor network.
How Gut Health Impacts Productivity
The Secret to Employee Productivity: Gut Health
Ensuring your employees have a healthy gut microbiome can lead to a happier, healthier workforce. Find out how you can help improve your employees’ gut health.
Types of Small Business Owners
What Kind of Small Business Owner Are You?
Personality traits influence how you run your business and make decisions about the future. These are the four types of small business owners.
What Millennials Want at Work
Do You Really Know What Millennial Employees Are Looking For?
A new outlook on millennials in the workplace is emerging. MetLife uncovers what really matters when Millennials pick their benefits.
Adoption Benefits
Adoption-Friendly Workplaces Help Make Families Complete
The Gress family of four recently became a happy family of five. At MetLife, we support adoptive parents in the workplace.
Retirement Stories: Rose
The New Faces of Retirement: Rose’s Story
Rose is a dynamic 67-year old who questions many conventions about getting older, including a typical view of retirement. Read on for her story.
Retirement Stories: Eva
The New Faces of Retirement: Eva’s Story
Leaving her role as an assistant to the editor of a prominent local newspaper after 25 years wasn’t an easy decision. Read on for Eva’s story.
Tips for Reentering the Workforce
Bouncing Back After a Career Break
If you’re looking to return to the workforce, or experiencing a career transition, there’s hope. Re-entry programs like ACT2 at MetLife are helping.
What Benefits Will Your New Employer Offer?
How Much Do You Really Make? Calculate the Value of Your Benefits
When you get a job offer, are you taking the time to understand the value of your new benefits package and additional company perks? Look out for these comprehensive benefits.
Better Benefits Impact Your Business
How Better Benefits Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals
How do you attract the right employees, and keep them healthy, productive, loyal and primed to make a positive impact? These benefit options can help generate business impact.
Searching for Wellness at Work
Is Wellness a Priority in Your Job Search?
If you’re preparing to take the next step in your career, expand your focus beyond your potential new title and salary. Think about how your professional life can improve your personal life, and vice versa. Here’s what to look for in your job search.
AJ Singh on Leadership
AJ Singh on the Makings of a Great Leader
AJ Singh, global head of new business & underwriting at MetLife, discusses the qualities of great leadership. Learn more about successful leadership in the workplace.
Sleep Tips
Sleep Tips to Improve Your Work Week
Could your sleep habits be affecting your performance at work? Sleep deprivation can affect your decision-making skills, hand-eye coordination and even your memory. These tips can help you sleep better.
Ready for a Career Change?
Is a Career Change the Right Move? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself
As you encounter times of change throughout your career, it’s important to take the time to ask yourself important questions about your personal goals. Find out if a career change is the right move.