Is Wellness a Priority in Your Job Search?

“In addition to finding steady, engaging jobs, millennials want to have high levels of well-being, which means more than being physically fit. Yes, millennials want to be healthy, but they also want a purposeful life, active community and social ties, and financial stability.” – Amy Adkins, “What Millennials Want from Work and Life”

Sure, financial stability is important, and a good salary is a key factor in finding a job that fits. But how do you put a price on the parts of your job that benefit your physical and emotional well-being? As you begin your job search, think about what you’ll need in your new role to balance your work life and personal life.

A company that values your well-being would likely offer:

  • A comprehensive benefits package
  • Workplace wellness programs that promote fitness and stress management
  • Flexible hours and telecommuting options
  • Vacation policies that allow you to take unpaid personal leave in addition to paid personal days
  • Career development training to help you continue learning and keep your skills sharp
  • Retirement benefits that provide peace of mind as you save for the future

So where can you find this information? Scour company websites, which often share information about open positions, perks and benefits, and the people who already work there.

Check forums like Glassdoor and Indeed for firsthand reviews about what it’s like to work at different companies.

Take a look at the company’s social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You might get a closer look into their working environment, team building activities and interesting company news.

Company Culture is Important

If you land an interview with a company you think might share your vision of work life balance, find out as much as you can about the company culture.

Ask each person you meet with about the company’s mission and core values. Do you get a feeling that the company’s values align with your own? Also, observe how employees interact with each other. Ask about how teams collaborate, and how often. A company that promotes openness and collaboration is likely to foster more employee engagement and innovation.

If you’re preparing to take the next step in your career, expand your focus beyond your potential new title and salary. Think about how your professional life can improve your personal life, and vice versa. The company you work for plays an important role in your daily life — make sure it’s supportive of your health and happiness.

Read “What Millennials Want from Work and Life” on Gallup here.