What to Keep in the Trunk This Winter

Be prepared for any road emergency with these supplies.

Low temperatures and winter weather can create hazardous road conditions. Stay ready for whatever comes with this emergency kit:

For small vehicle repairs:

  • Canned, compressed air with tire sealant
  • Spare tire, vehicle jack and lug wrench
  • Tarp to kneel on
  • Portable battery charger and booster cables
  • Basic tools: a set of socket and open-end wrenches, a multi-tip screwdriver, and pliers
  • Empty gas can
  • Shovel
  • Chains, rope or tow strap
  • Road salt, sand or cat litter to help with wheel traction

For signaling help:

  • Cell phone and charger
  • Emergency flares
  • Brightly colored flag or help signs
  • Reflective hazard triangles
  • Whistle

For staying warm:

  • Extra winter clothing: boots, hats, coats and mittens
  • Blankets: wool or fleece maintain insulation even when wet
  • Sleeping bags
  • Chemical heat packs
  • Waterproof matches and candles
  • Fire extinguisher

For your health and safety:

  • Small water bottles
  • Nonperishable, high-energy foods: protein bars, raisins, nuts, etc.
  • Flashlights with extra batteries
  • Basic sanitation supplies: toilet paper, baby wipes, plastic bags, etc.
  • Multi-tool pocket knife
  • First-aid kit
  • Extra prescription medications for serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma and allergies

As you stock up, familiarize yourself with each item so you know how to use it. Also keep your safety kit up to date in your car throughout the season — especially before long trips. Make sure everything works, and replace broken or expired items.

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