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Understanding Your Benefits is Essential to Success
For a Globally Mobile Employee, Understanding Your Benefits is Essential to Success
Planning to work abroad? Knowing you’re covered by a comprehensive expatriate benefits package is important. Here’s what you should know.
How Benefits Make a Difference in Real People’s Lives
How Benefits Make a Difference in Real People’s Lives
Choosing the right benefits can be confusing. We spoke with 6 real people about the difference benefits have made in their lives. Read their stories.
Financial Tips for Parents
How to Financially Prepare for Your Second (or Third, or Fourth!) Child
Life can get more complicated as your family grows. Here’s how to financially plan for more kids.
Financial Tips for Women
5 Financial Tips for Female Breadwinners
If you’re the breadwinner in your family, you know how challenging this role can be. Follow these financial tips.
Get Life Insurance While You're Young
3 Reasons Why You Should Think About Life Insurance While You’re Young, Single and Child-free
Life insurance protects your income and those who depend on it. Here’s why you should think about getting life insurance while you’re young.
A Guide to Trusts
What Type of Trust Should You Create for Your Estate?
Estate planning may seem overwhelming, but understanding your options can help you plan for the future. Learn more about different types of trusts.
Small Business Benefits
MetLife to Deliver New Digital Experience for Small Business Customers with IBM Insurance Platform
We’re streamlining benefits management for small businesses. Learn more about the IBM insurance platform.
What to Expect during the Home Buying Process
Buying a New Home? This Timeline Can Help You Plan Ahead
How long will it take to buy a new home? Simplify your home buying experience with this helpful guide.
AI and the Insurance Industry
Welcome to the Future: How AI is Transforming Insurance
Understanding AI’s benefits and where to put it to use will ensure businesses are ahead of this next tech wave. Here are five ways AI will impact the insurance industry.
Scary Situations Renters Insurance Can Cover
Accidents Happen: 3 Scary Situations Your Landlord Won’t Cover
You might be a responsible renter, but some things are out of your control. Here’s how renters insurance can help.
Understanding Hospital Indemnity Insurance
Open Enrollment and Your Family: What You Should Know about Hospital Indemnity Insurance
Thinking about your employee benefits? Learn about hospital indemnity insurance.
Tips for Securing a Rental Apartment
5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Renting Your Dream Apartment
Moving? Be prepared for the rental application with these tips. Here’s how to secure a great rental apartment.
Understanding Disability Insurance
Open Enrollment and Your Family: What You Should Know about Disability Insurance
Thinking about your employee benefits? Learn more about disability insurance.
Understanding Life Insurance
Open Enrollment and Your Family: What You Should Know about Life Insurance
Thinking about your employee benefits? Here’s what you should know about life insurance.
Financial Tips for Families with a Special Needs Child
How to Plan for the Future with a Special Needs Child
Help ensure your child is protected and cared for. Learn how life insurance can help.
Understanding Accident Insurance
Open Enrollment and Your Family: What You Should Know about Accident Insurance
Thinking about your employee benefits? Learn about accident insurance.
Hurricane Irma Response
Hurricane Irma Assistance from MetLife Auto & Home®
To our customers impacted by Hurricane Irma – we stand with you and we’re here to help. Find Hurricane Irma claim support here.
Hurricane Harvey Response
Hurricane Harvey Assistance from MetLife Auto & Home®
To our customers impacted by Hurricane Harvey – we stand with you and we’re here to help. Find Hurricane Harvey claim support here.
Life Insurance Tips for Freelancers
Life Insurance for Freelancers: What You Need to Know
Fluctuating income is one of the challenges of freelancing, so it can be tough to cover all your insurance needs. Here’s what you should know about life insurance.
Funding a Year Off
6 Tips for Funding a Year off Work
Leaving a full time job can be a big financial risk. Follow these tips to help fund a year off work.
Financial Basics
Simple Answers to Questions You’ve Always Had about Money
Feel like you don’t know much about money? You’re not alone. We answer four common money questions here.
Provide Benefits Beyond Medical
How to Offer Your Employees More Than Just Medical Benefits
Offering your employees more than medical insurance doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s how small businesses can expand their employee benefits programs.
Competitive Small Business Benefits
The Benefits of Small Business Benefits
A competitive benefits strategy helps retain great employees. Learn more about the benefits of benefits for your small business.
Hurricane Safety
Hurricane Safety Tips to Protect You, Your Family, and Home
Getting to know a hurricane on a first-name basis is no friendly task. Protect your family and home with these hurricane safety tips.
Understanding Health Benefits in Retirement
Retiring? 5 Benefits Questions to Ask Before You Do
A benefits package that fits your vision of retirement is an important part of your financial future. Before you retire, answer these five questions about your benefits.
Understanding Homeowners Insurance
Homeowners Insurance 101
Learn about the different types of home insurance coverage available to you, so you can protect your financial investment. Here’s what you should know about your homeowners insurance policy.
Learn More About Legal Plans
Need a Lawyer? Your Employer Could Help
According to a recent Harris Poll, more than half (54%) of working adults feel unprepared to handle unforeseen legal events. Find out how a legal plan can help.
What Benefits Will Your New Employer Offer?
How Much Do You Really Make? Calculate the Value of Your Benefits
When you get a job offer, are you taking the time to understand the value of your new benefits package and additional company perks? Look out for these comprehensive benefits.
Merging Finances After Marriage
Tying the Knot after Thirty? How to Merge Your Finances
How is marriage different for those who marry later in life? Follow these tips to merge your finances and start making decisions together.
What is Underwriting?
What Is Underwriting, Anyway?
Ever wonder how insurance companies review your application — and how they come up with the amount you pay for your premiums? It’s all about risk. Learn more about the underwriting process.
Better Benefits Impact Your Business
How Better Benefits Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals
How do you attract the right employees, and keep them healthy, productive, loyal and primed to make a positive impact? These benefit options can help generate business impact.
Life Insurance Tips
10 Tips to Get Started with Life Insurance
Taking action to protect your family with the right amount of life insurance coverage is an important part of your lifetime financial plan. Here’s what you should know about life insurance.
Group Health Incentives
How to Game-ify Group Health Incentives at Work
Companies are creating friendly competition in the workplace through fitness and weight loss competitions, and other group wellness programs. Find out how group health incentives are reducing healthcare costs and improving company culture.
Distracted Driving
Teach Your Teen to Drive Lesson 8: Prevent Distracted Driving
Teen drivers are some of the most easily distracted drivers on the road. In fact, teenagers make up the largest proportion of drivers reported as distracted at the time of a fatal crash. Teach your teen how to avoid distracted driving with these life-saving tips.
New Employee Benefit Trends
How Non-Traditional Employee Benefits Encourage Productivity and Loyalty
Many companies across the world are moving beyond traditional employee benefits and offering more non-traditional perks to improve loyalty and retain talent. Here are a few non-traditional benefits organizations are exploring.
Critical Illness Insurance
5 Questions About Critical Illness Insurance, Answered
Many people are not adequately prepared financially when faced with a serious illness, despite having good medical coverage. Find out how critical illness insurance can help you in a time of need.
Voluntary Benefits at Work
Voluntary Work Benefits You Should Participate In
While more and more individuals have health coverage than ever before, one of the leading causes of bankruptcy today is medical bills. Many people may not realize they need additional coverage and protection. Find out if you have access to these voluntary group benefits through work.
Employee Wellness Programs
The Fitbit Craze – Wearable Tech and Employee Wellness Competitions
Wearable tech and fitness competitions are helping employees be healthier and more productive at work, and cutting company healthcare costs. Find out how employee wellness competitions are creating a culture of well-being at work.
How to Plan a Funeral
Planning a Funeral: Your Step by Step Guide
Planning a funeral might be one of the most difficult things you have to do in your lifetime. Whether you’re making your own wishes known to your loved ones, or preparing to memorialize someone you care about, Here’s what you need to know about planning a funeral.
Clean Out Your Paperwork
Spring Cleaning To-Do List: Getting Rid of Paperwork
It’s that time of year again to focus on spring cleaning and getting organized – especially when it comes to important paperwork. Find out what important documents you should be keeping.
Creating a Benefits Package When You're Self-Employed
How to Create a Self-Employed Benefits Package
If you’re a small business owner, or you’re self-employed, you may not have access to the same benefits that you would have with more traditional full time employment. As a result, it’s up to you to create your own. Here’s what you’ll need in your benefits package.
How to Manage Your First Paycheck
What To Do with Your First Paycheck
Your first paycheck is the first step in learning how to manage your money and prepare for your future. Start developing good saving habits.
Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance
How to Save Money on Car Insurance
Finding the right car insurance is an important responsibility. If you’re hoping to save money on car insurance, it’s important to first understand how your premium is determined. Learn ways to save.