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Employee Benefits

Using Technology to Boost Financial Wellness

Using Technology to Keep Employees Engaged In Your Financial Wellness Program

Help your employees lead financially healthier lives – include these helpful tools in your financial wellness program.   Read More
Financial Wellness Programs

Designing a Financial Wellness Program That Works

Financial wellness programs need to address the unique needs of a modern, diverse workforce. Here’s how to create a program that works.   Read More
Employee Financial Wellness

When It Comes to Financial Wellness, What Do Your Employees Need?

Help your employees manage financial stress. Learn the first step in creating a successful financial wellness program here. Read More
Measuring the Success of Financial Wellness Programs

How to Measure Your Financial Wellness Program's Success

Employees who aren’t stressed about finances are less distracted and more productive at work. Here’s how to measure the success of your financial wellness program. Read More
Shift Company Culture

3 Ways Companies Are Shifting Cultures to Improve Work Life

In today’s competitive job market, company culture is definitely a new currency. Here are three ways companies can better engage their workforce. Read More
Take Your Vacation Days

Paid Time Off: Use it Before You Lose It

You don’t need a cash windfall to reclaim the time off you’ve earned this year at work. Try these creative ways to use your PTO. Read More
What You Should Know about Your Life Insurance Benefits through Work

Have Life Insurance through Work? Ask These Questions about Your Coverage

If you have an employer-sponsored life insurance policy, how much do you know about it? You might need more life insurance coverage. Read More
The Differences Between an HSA and an FSA

What’s The Difference Between an FSA and an HSA?

Do you have access to a tax-advantaged savings account through work? Learn more about FSAs and HSAs. Read More
Learn These Benefit Terms

8 Confusing Benefit Terms to Learn During Open Enrollment

Open enrollment can be confusing. Learn these important benefit terms as you make your benefit selections this year. Read More
U.S. Economic Outlook

U.S. Economic Forecast: A Hotter Job Market

The latest data shows that the U.S. job market is expanding. Learn more about attracting and retaining great talent in this economy. Read More
Financial Wellness Programs

Financial Wellness: Helping Employers with the Bigger Picture

Help employees manage their finances and save for the future with confidence. Here’s what employers should know about financial wellness programs. Read More
Ingred Tolentino on Legal Plans

Expert POV: Legal Plans Can Add Value and Drive Growth in 2018

Ingrid Tolentino, CEO of Hyatt Legal Plans, shares how legal services plans can be a key part of your benefits growth strategy. Here’s what employers should know about legal plans. Read More
Understanding Critical Illness Insurance

Open Enrollment and Your Family: What You Should Know about Critical Illness Insurance

Thinking about your employee benefits? Here’s what you should know about critical illness insurance. Read More
Understanding Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Open Enrollment and Your Family: What You Should Know about Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Thinking about your employee benefits? Learn about hospital indemnity insurance. Read More
Understanding Legal Plans

Open Enrollment and Your Family: What You Should Know about Legal Plans

Thinking about your employee benefits? Here’s what you should know about legal plans. Read More
Understanding Disability Insurance

Open Enrollment and Your Family: What You Should Know about Disability Insurance

Thinking about your employee benefits? Learn more about disability insurance. Read More
Understanding Life Insurance

Open Enrollment and Your Family: What You Should Know about Life Insurance

Thinking about your employee benefits? Here’s what you should know about life insurance. Read More
Understanding Accident Insurance

Open Enrollment and Your Family: What You Should Know about Accident Insurance

Thinking about your employee benefits? Learn about accident insurance. Read More
Understanding Your Benefits When Changing Jobs

Changing Jobs? 3 Benefits Questions to Ask Before You Do

Your employee benefits won’t follow you from one job to the next. Answer these important benefits questions before changing jobs. Read More
Life Insurance Tips for Freelancers

Life Insurance for Freelancers: What You Need to Know

Fluctuating income is one of the challenges of freelancing, so it can be tough to cover all your insurance needs. Here’s what you should know about life insurance. Read More
Retirement Income Plans

Designing Retirement Plans that Help Ensure Income for Life

Employers have an important role to play in designing retirement plans that can help ensure income for life. Help your employees plan for retirement. Read More
Tips for Better Team Building

Beyond Happy Hour: 5 Innovative Team Building Activities

Happy hour can be fun, but there are deeper ways to connect with colleagues. Try any of these five team building activities. Read More
Lump Sum Risks in Retirement

The Risks of Taking a Lump Sum Payment in Retirement

Research shows 1 in 5 people who receive a lump sum retirement payout spend it in just 5½ years, on average. Learn how to make your savings last. Read More
Review Your Benefits at Work when Buying a Home

4 Ways Your Employer Can Help You Buy a New Home

Are you planning a move? Learn how your employer could help as you buy a new home. Read More
Vacation Planning at Work

Pre-Vacation Habits Your Team Will Love

As a busy and valued employee, there may never be a “perfect” time for you to take a vacation. Follow these tips before taking time off from work. Read More
Managing Employees in Crisis

3 Ways Small Business Owners Can Help an Employee in Crisis

As a small business owner, you undoubtedly want to support your people in good times and bad. Here’s how to manage an employee in crisis. Read More
Understanding a Statement of Health

What Is A Statement of Health?

Are you enrolling in or making changes to a group life insurance or disability plan? Here’s what you should know about a statement of health. Read More
Create Better Benefits Programs

How to Build A Cost-Effective Benefits Program

Benefits can be a make-or-break factor when job-seekers decide where to work. Here’s how your business can build a cost-effective benefits program. Read More
Small Business Advisors You Need

5 Advisors Every Small Business Owner Needs

As a small business owner, an inner circle of experts can provide the right guidance when you need it most. Here’s how to build your advisor network. Read More
How Gut Health Impacts Productivity

The Secret to Employee Productivity: Gut Health

Ensuring your employees have a healthy gut microbiome can lead to a happier, healthier workforce. Find out how you can help improve your employees’ gut health. Read More
Types of Small Business Owners

What Kind of Small Business Owner Are You?

Personality traits influence how you run your business and make decisions about the future. These are the four types of small business owners. Read More
Provide Benefits Beyond Medical

How to Offer Your Employees More Than Just Medical Benefits

Offering your employees more than medical insurance doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s how small businesses can expand their employee benefits programs. Read More
Competitive Small Business Benefits

The Benefits of Small Business Benefits

A competitive benefits strategy helps retain great employees. Learn more about the benefits of benefits for your small business. Read More
What Millennials Want at Work

Do You Really Know What Millennial Employees Are Looking For?

A new outlook on millennials in the workplace is emerging. MetLife uncovers what really matters when Millennials pick their benefits. Read More
Adoption Benefits

Adoption-Friendly Workplaces Help Make Families Complete

The Gress family of four recently became a happy family of five. At MetLife, we support adoptive parents in the workplace. Read More
Understanding Health Benefits in Retirement

Retiring? 5 Benefits Questions to Ask Before You Do

A benefits package that fits your vision of retirement is an important part of your financial future. Before you retire, answer these five questions about your benefits. Read More
Learn More About Legal Plans

Need a Lawyer? Your Employer Could Help

According to a recent Harris Poll, more than half (54%) of working adults feel unprepared to handle unforeseen legal events. Find out how a legal plan can help. Read More
What Benefits Will Your New Employer Offer?

How Much Do You Really Make? Calculate the Value of Your Benefits

When you get a job offer, are you taking the time to understand the value of your new benefits package and additional company perks? Look out for these comprehensive benefits. Read More
Balancing Benefits as a Couple

My Plan or Yours? How to Balance Benefits as a Married Couple

Employer sponsored benefits can be a cost saving opportunity for most married couples, but choosing the right benefit options can be complicated. Discover ways to balance your benefits and save more. Read More
Better Benefits Impact Your Business

How Better Benefits Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals

How do you attract the right employees, and keep them healthy, productive, loyal and primed to make a positive impact? These benefit options can help generate business impact. Read More
Natural Health Remedies

6 Natural Health Remedies You Can Try Today

Taking a more holistic approach to your health may help you combat stress and reduce pain. Learn more about homeopathic medicine. Read More
Searching for Wellness at Work

Is Wellness a Priority in Your Job Search?

If you’re preparing to take the next step in your career, expand your focus beyond your potential new title and salary. Think about how your professional life can improve your personal life, and vice versa. Here’s what to look for in your job search. Read More
Group Health Incentives

How to Game-ify Group Health Incentives at Work

Companies are creating friendly competition in the workplace through fitness and weight loss competitions, and other group wellness programs. Find out how group health incentives are reducing healthcare costs and improving company culture. Read More
Find a Career Mentor

Do You Need a Career Mentor?

A mentor can offer you guidance and support at every step of your career, but how do you find the right one? Take these steps to find the right career mentor for you. Read More
Choosing the Right Dentist

How to Choose a Dentist

Selecting a dentist who meets your needs and expectations is a decision that’s too important to make without careful consideration. Find out how to choose the right dentist for you. Read More
New Employee Benefit Trends

How Non-Traditional Employee Benefits Encourage Productivity and Loyalty

Many companies across the world are moving beyond traditional employee benefits and offering more non-traditional perks to improve loyalty and retain talent. Here are a few non-traditional benefits organizations are exploring. Read More
Critical Illness Insurance

5 Questions About Critical Illness Insurance, Answered

Many people are not adequately prepared financially when faced with a serious illness, despite having good medical coverage. Find out how critical illness insurance can help you in a time of need. Read More
Voluntary Benefits at Work

Voluntary Work Benefits You Should Participate In

While more and more individuals have health coverage than ever before, one of the leading causes of bankruptcy today is medical bills. Many people may not realize they need additional coverage and protection. Find out if you have access to these voluntary group benefits through work. Read More
How Teachers Can Boost Retirement Savings

5 Ways Public School Teachers Can Boost Their Retirement Savings

Reach your short and long-term retirement goals by maximizing the savings tools available to you as a teacher and finding creative ways to save even more now. Here are five ways teachers can boost their retirement savings. Read More
Employee Wellness Programs

The Fitbit Craze – Wearable Tech and Employee Wellness Competitions

Wearable tech and fitness competitions are helping employees be healthier and more productive at work, and cutting company healthcare costs. Find out how employee wellness competitions are creating a culture of well-being at work. Read More
Small Business Company Culture

Company Culture Happens: Make Sure It’s Right for Your Small Business

Many small business owners are succeeding at making the workplace enjoyable, building company cultures that will help employees and customers grow well into the future. Learn how you can improve company culture at your small business. Read More
Employee Retention Tips

5 Secrets of Employee Retention for Small Businesses

For small companies, keeping the right people in the right seats is crucial. Here are five ways to ensure your best and brightest employees stick around. Improve employee retention at your small business. Read More
How to Delegate as a Small Business Owner

Important Ways to Delegate as a Small Business Owner

There are some activities that you have to do on your own as an entrepreneur. However, if you want to increase the chances of thriving as your small business grows, you might need to learn how to delegate. Find out what small business tasks you should delegate to others. Read More