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MetLife Renewable Energy Green Initiative


MetLife is committed to sound environmental stewardship. We know that customers are increasingly interested in doing business with an environmentally conscious company and, with approximately 65,000 employees, we know that our "green" initiatives can have a significant impact on the global environment. Across our international operations, we are dedicated to ensuring a safer, healthier planet for future generations and making MetLife a great place to work.

Some of the environmental associations we engage with include:

  • United States Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • United States Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Sustainability Roundtable, Inc.
  • CoreNet Global

MetLife also engages our employees to participate in environmental initiatives targeted at implementing sustainable ways of working and living.

Our Sustainability Efforts

As a responsible corporate citizen, MetLife is embedding sustainability efforts through our operations, maintenance and procurement processes.

Energy & Emissions

In 2005, MetLife set a goal to reduce our indirect carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2010 (based on the 2005 baseline year) at all our owned and managed U.S. facilities. As of 2013, we reduced our scope 2 carbon emissions by 100% This goal was exceeded by 2009, and as of the end of 2011, we have achieved a 60% reduction relative to the original 2005 baseline.

In 2010, MetLife set a new goal to reduce our total energy consumption by 10 percent by 2017 (based on the 2010 baseline year).

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Green Facilities

All of MetLife's U.S.-owned and –managed offices are U.S. EPA Energy Star certified and two-thirds of these buildings are certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. Not only are we working at making our owned and managed workspaces as sustainable as possible, MetLife Real Estate Investments has also made significant investments in sustainability and green building practices, including numerous new development projects and equity stakes in 35 LEED-certified properties.

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Waste Management

MetLife is continuously striving to divert waste from landfills through a combination of waste reduction, recycling and reuse initiatives. In 2012, we recycled more than 1,400 tons of waste, representing more than 55 percent of the total waste produced from our U.S.-owned and -managed facilities.

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Responsible Sourcing

At MetLife, we are committed to purchasing environmentally responsible products and energy efficient technology equipment, as well as incorporating sustainability criteria into our vendor sourcing and management processes.

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Our Global Impact


Learn more about Corporate Responsibility at MetLife in our 2013 report.

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Our Purpose & Values

We are guided by a clear purpose and sound values that connect and guide us in everything we do.

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MetLife's Sustainability Attributes

We are guided by policies and procedures to advance sustainability within MetLife's real estate holdings.
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