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Information for Our Customers

MetLife no longer sells new life insurance policies

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why does MetLife no longer sell individual life insurance or annuities through in-person agents? Collapsed Expanded

We have separated part of our U.S. business from MetLife to become its own company, called Brighthouse Financial, Inc. As a separate company, Brighthouse Financial focuses on retail products for consumers.1 Learn more about Brighthouse Financial.

What this means is that certain policies are still with MetLife and others have moved to Brighthouse Financial. Either way these changes have no impact on your life insurance policy or annuity contract. The same terms and conditions apply and the same premiums need to be paid. 

Owners of active individual life insurance policies and annuity contracts that moved to Brighthouse Financial were sent an endorsement (a notice) changing the name of the issuing company for their policies/contracts. 

For more specific information about how each type of policy or contract is affected, please refer to our separate support pages for life insurance, disability insurance, and annuities, (long-term care insurance was not affected).

Who can I contact for more information? Collapsed Expanded

You can contact your financial professional with any questions, visit our support pages for life insurance, disability insurance, annuities, or long-term care insurance, or reach MetLife at the numbers below:


Don’t see the number you need? Visit our Contact Us page.

1 Annuities and life insurance are issued by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company, Charlotte, NC 28277 and in New York, only by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY, New York, NY 10017.  The current MetLife insurance companies do not sell individual annuities or life insurance to individuals. MetLife, a registered service mark of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, is used under license to Brighthouse Services, LLC and its affiliates.