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Global Impact

Corporate Responsibility

For nearly 150 years, MetLife has operated as a good corporate citizen. Building on our long legacy of excellence, we are committed to ensuring a future in which we can continue helping people and communities around the world navigate life together.

To learn more about our commitment to operating responsibly and generating positive global impact, view our overview of our latest corporate responsibility report.

Click here for a full report of our corporate responsibility activities, including GRI Indices and performance data. To view our 2016 Global Impact Report in other languages and to access past reports, click here.

Focusing on Our Customers

We’re improving people’s lives by offering vital products and services, and providing freedom from financial worry.

Working at MetLife

We’re creating a working environment that engages our employees, helps their professional development and values them for their unique experience and insights.

Making a Difference

MetLife is committed to expanding financial access through the financial inclusion focus of MetLife Foundation.

Protecting the Environment

We’re setting ambitious goals across our global operations to protect the environment and promote sustainability.