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Ethics & Integrity

We have built our success as a company that believes in keeping its promises, adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct and acting as a trustworthy partner for our customers and the communities we serve. MetLife's excellent reputation is reinforced by our pledge to operate with strong governance, comprehensive risk management and a deep commitment to ethics and integrity.

Our Culture of Risk Management

To meet our high standards of conduct, MetLife has created a clearly defined and deeply embedded culture of ethics, integrity and risk management. Our practices are woven into the fabric of the organization—which means that employees at all levels and in all departments take responsibility for meeting these standards. We continuously evaluate and refine our culture to ensure that it aligns with the overall company strategy.

Our culture is supported by strong governance through multiple Board and senior management committees, a risk appetite framework, risk policies and limits for all material risks, along with escalation processes and comprehensive reporting to senior management, risk committees and the Board of Directors.

Our expectations for appropriate business conduct and ethical decision-making are laid out in MetLife's comprehensive Code of Conduct. The Code is more than words on paper—it is the guide that helps every MetLife employee, representative and board member adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct. We require all employees to affirm their commitment to, and compliance with, the Code every year.

Global Anti-Corruption Training

2015 Global Ethics Assessment

In support of our commitment to creating and maintaining an ethical culture, in 2015 MetLife conducted a Global Ethics Assessment. We are now developing an action plan to address the results of the assessment. We aim to implement this plan across our global operations in 2016. In early 2018, we will distribute a follow-up survey to measure the effectiveness of these actions.

Anti Corruption Training


Our Customer Focus


We invest in being there for you when you need us.

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2016 Annual Report

2016 MetLife Foundation Annual Report
MetLife Foundation is proud to present its 2016 Annual Report.
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Diversity at MetLife


MetLife's commitment to diversity and inclusion is integral to our business success.

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