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Ethics & Integrity

Our Commitment to Integrity

We have built our success as a company that exemplifies fair dealing, integrity and trustworthiness. MetLife’s excellent reputation is reinforced by our pledge to deliver value and world-class service to all who do business with us.

Our expectations for appropriate business conduct and ethical decision-making are laid out in MetLife’s comprehensive Code of Conduct. The Code is more than words on paper—it is the guide that helps every MetLife employee adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Every year, we require all employees to affirm their commitment to and compliance with the Code, and we communicate to employees how they can report activities and behaviors that may be in violation of the Code. We also provide more specific ethical guidance for employees involved in financial management, for MetLife representatives and for members of our board of directors.

Reducing Risks of Corruption

Corruption violates the public trust, threatens economic and social development and substantially impedes fair trade. Accordingly, MetLife has a zero tolerance policy toward all forms of corruption and bribery. Employees are expected to immediately report any allegations of corruption through established channels, with all communications treated as confidential. We are fully committed to training our employees on our anti-corruption policy and require employees to undertake this training regularly. In 2013, MetLife offered global training on anti-corruptionrelated policies and principles in 27 different languages. Nearly 100 percent of our employees in every region have completed these training courses.


Our Customer Focus


We put our customers' needs at the center of everything we do.

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Our Global Impact


Learn more about Corporate Responsibility at MetLife in our 2013 report.

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