Waste and Water Management

Waste and Water Management

MetLife employees volunteer to clean up litter along the bay in Warwick, RI.

Conserving water and reducing waste is a key part of our environmental efforts and commitment to maintaining carbon neutrality.

Conserving Natural Resources, Eliminating Waste

MetLife carefully considers our use of natural resources, including materials and water. MetLife is continuously striving to divert waste from landfills through a combination of waste reduction, recycling and reuse initiatives. We seek out innovative ways to reuse and recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, electronics equipment, toner cartridges and other office supplies. In the U.S., we also prioritized the reduction of food waste. We have implemented back-of-house composting at several office locations. We have incorporated sustainably sourced seafood, dairy, meats and produce in our dining operations. 

Paperless Initiatives

We also aim to eliminate waste at the source. One way we have accomplished this is by changing the company’s use of paper. MetLife’s “e-delivery” practices have greatly reduced the number of statements and reports we print, as customers can elect to receive this information electronically. By reducing our paper use, we can enhance customer convenience and help the environment too. 

MetLife has paperless initiatives throughout our regions. In Bangladesh, we made our bonus statement, a document communicating policy benefits, available digitally, reducing paper use by 26% and CO2 emissions by an estimated six tons annually. In Malaysia, AmMetLife enhanced customer touchpoints with 24/7 self-service functionalities, ePolicy, ePayment facilities and faster policy issuance. 

In Japan, new digital provision for banca channel customers have replaced paper booklets, and new customer portal web site replaced letters for customers, and reducing paper use by 35% and CO2 emissions by an estimated 2108 tons comparing with FY2019. In addition to that, by strict order management of paper booklet, reducing unused paper booklet waste in warehouse by 19% and waste emissions by an estimated 84 tons comparing with last year.

In Slovakia, through a partnership with Quadient Customer Communication Management, we have been converting mail communications into email and SMS messaging and replacing hard copies of documents with encrypted PDF files through the Quadient Inspire platform. We will continue to use paper-based solutions for customers without an email address and those who prefer traditional communications. The digital solution will reduce paper use, deliver cost savings and improve the customer experience. 

Water Conservation

Water conservation is also an important priority. MetLife invests in water-efficient technologies and implements water-reduction strategies to minimize water consumption at our offices. Due to these efforts, which include efficient fixture installation, green irrigation practices and facility management improvement, MetLife’s total water consumption and water intensity metrics continue to decrease year over year. 

Plastic Reduction

At the end of 2020, we successfully replaced plastic water bottles in all our U.S.-based employee meals, dining and catering services, and procurement systems. We also eliminated all plastic beverage bottle and straw options in favor of more sustainable alternatives on the U.S. procurement platform.