Workforce of the Future

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Workforce of the Future

As our industry and workplace evolve, we are taking steps to better equip our workforce for future success and build an organization of world-class talent with a full pipeline of future leaders who offer diverse capabilities, backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

Equipping employees for a digital workplace

In response to an evolving multigenerational workforce and changing nature of work, we launched the Workforce of the Future strategy to build an organization of people who are continuously learning and refining their skills for success. With the pace of change accelerating technologies, automation, and the skills required to succeed at work, Workforce of the Future is focused on embedding a culture of continuous learning and balancing the need for building digital and technology skills with emotional and human skills.

Our Purpose

Refocusing learning and development

Our approach to learning and development is guided by our belief that the business must serve the employee in order to succeed. We must deliver resources and opportunities to develop the latest skills so that every employee is continuously learning. To accomplish this most effectively, we focus on how people learn at work and explore the role of technologies such as artificial intelligence in making learning more personalized and aligned with employees’ needs and aspirations.

Our learning and development platform


of employees are users


are active users (i.e., multiple accesses of learning resources) 



Employees have shared over 47,000 learning assets with their peers



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Rising up with Generation

One of the primary goals of MetLife Foundation’s work is to ensure that low- and moderate-income people are equipped not only with financial tools and resources but also with the right skills necessary to capitalize on opportunities and be prepared for working in the future. That often requires early intervention and specialized trainings. In 2019, MetLife Foundation partnered with Generation, a youth employment nonprofit that will equip 3,000 young people in India with the right skills to gain meaningful employment. These skills will help set them on the path to earning a steady income and taking actionable steps toward improving their long-term financial health. The program delivers a high placement ratio with more than 80% of graduates being placed within three months of their training with double their pre-training earnings.