Code of Business Ethics

Code of Business Ethics


Our culture is governed by a strong set of values, ethics and commitment to integrity.

MetLife’s Code of Business Ethics helps us live our purpose with every customer, in every interaction, every day. It helps us navigate an always-changing external environment while meeting the highest professional standards. The Code is the foundation for our Success Principles and represents our core beliefs for conducting business. Our Success Principles articulate the behaviors that MetLife employees are expected to exhibit, guide our actions and help us to deliver on our purpose. Our Code of Business Ethics is availablein 19 languages and applies to all employees. Each year, employees pledge that they commit to and comply with the Code.

In the Code, we confirm our commitment to conducting business fairly, honestly and openly, and our zero-tolerance policy toward all forms of bribery and corruption committed by MetLife employees or a third party acting for or on behalf of MetLife.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Program

We require MetLife employees to disclose outside business activities, personal investments, and personal relationships that might cause a potential, perceived or actual conflict of interest through our Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Program. Our objective is that employees do not put personal gain or benefit ahead of the interests of MetLife, our customers, or our shareholders. The program emphasizes transparency and mitigation to manage risk. 

To learn more about the risk management framework and practices, please see the 2021 Sustainability Report and/or click on the “About MetLife” governance page (Corporate Governance).

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MetLife’s Antitrust Guidelines provide basic guidance on antitrust laws in the United States for employees of MetLife and its affiliates. MetLife’s policy is to conduct business in full compliance with antitrust laws. Those laws are designed to preserve and foster free and open competition, reasonable prices, efficient services, and a productive economy. MetLife’s guidelines are intended to ensure that as we compete vigorously, we do so fairly. To help employees protect themselves and the company, we have included guidelines in our Code of Business Ethics to treat our competitors with respect and comply with competition laws.

.MetLife has established a culture of ethical sales that centers on treating the customer fairly. Our Code of Business Ethics, our policies, and governing laws require that we conduct business in a manner that ensures fairness, clarity, and transparency. Our ethical sales practices strengthen MetLife’s reputation and help us earn the trust and loyalty of our customers as well as the privilege of partnering with them in their financial journey.

MetLife is firmly committed to maintaining processes and controls designed to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. MetLife has an established Anti-Money Laundering program which sets forth guiding principles and global minimum standards for: (1) compliance with applicable anti-money laundering and trade and economic sanctions laws and regulations; (2) protecting the company from being used by money launderers, terrorists, and other criminals for illicit purposes; and (3) educating employees about identifying money laundering and terrorist financing risks and behavior.


Learn more about our commitment and efforts to address the impact of climate change in our statement on climate change.