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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

3 min read June 17, 2020

Our sustainability efforts are purposefully aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and mapped to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially the ones detailed below.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

How we support the Goals
How we support the Goals
  • We provide targeted insurance products for women, seniors, and other demographics around the world working hard to democratize access to financial planning and security.
  • We incentivize healthy living habits with products and platforms geared toward providing individuals with access to preventive health solutions and treatment for diseases.
  • We signed the One Mind at Work pledge, joining a global coalition of leaders from diverse sectors committed to transforming approaches to mental health and addiction.
  • A core strategy for MetLife is the health of our employees. Healthy workplaces are essential to ensuring positive health and wellness benefits for the people working within them. In 2019, MetLife became the first life insurance company to earn Fitwel certifications for its commitment to healthy workplaces. Fitwel is a joint initiative of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the General Services Administration.
  • The MetLife Foundation brings together bold solutions, deep financial expertise, and meaningful grants to build financial health for people and communities that are underserved and aspire for more. We also partner with organizations around the world to create financial health solutions and build stronger communities, engaging MetLife employee volunteers to help drive impact.
  • Our Wellness for Life program is rooted in the idea that the more we can help connect the dots between our purpose, our everyday work, and the importance of wellness for overall health and well-being, the easier it is for MetLife employees to prioritize their health. The program is centrally coordinated and locally implemented, with champions identified in 41 markets, as well as four regional ambassadors.

How we support the Goals
  • We provide targeted insurance products for women around the world, making it easier for them to access financial planning.
  • MetLife has made a series of pledges to achieve gender equality among our executive ranks and overall workforce. We are working diligently to increase diversity in hiring and promotions and training leaders to be mindful of potential bias in the review and career development process. Today, more than half of our managers and entry-level workers are women, and almost one-third of MetLife’s Board of Directors are women.
  • In 2019, 5,900+ MetLife employees participated in innovation activities, we engaged 196 startups, launched 38 experiments, and ran 24 innovation challenges.
  • In 2019, MetLife President and CEO Michel Khalaf signed on to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge to measurably and demonstrably advance diversity and inclusion across the organization, as well as the Catalyst CEO Champions for Change initiative, committing MetLife to work on minimizing unconscious bias in recruitment of women.
  • In 2019, MetLife was the first insurer to join the United Nations Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change (GICC), a partnership between UN Women and the private sector, academia, and nonprofit institutions to identify and remove barriers to women’s advancement in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. 
How we support the Goals
  • MIM’s ESG integration efforts identify investment practices that MIM believes will support a better, more confident world for everyone.
  • With the pace of change accelerating technologies, automation, and the skills required to succeed at work, MetLife has committed $10 million to its Workforce of the Future program, focused on embedding a culture of continuous learning and balancing the need for building digital and technology skills with emotional and human skills.
  • In 2019, MetLife Foundation partnered with Generation, a youth employment nonprofit that will equip 3,000 young people with the right skills to gain meaningful employment. These skills help set them on the path to earning a steady income and taking actionable steps toward improving their long-term financial health.
  • Our innovation efforts include numerous pilots and new platforms developed with a focus on expanding financial security and/or planning to all. For instance, in 2019, we helped launch Zogo Finance, which pays children and adults to learn about personal finance by partnering with financial institutions.
  • In 2019, 5,900+ MetLife employees participated in innovation activities, we engaged 196 startups, launched 38 experiments, and ran 24 innovation challenges.
  • In 2019, we conducted MetLife’s 17th annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study, which captured what the latest trends in workplace dynamics mean for financial wellness programs.
  • In 2018, MetLife Japan conducted the MetLife Insurance Change Rougo 47 Prefecture Survey which found that Japanese respondents were increasingly anxious about their quality of life after retirement and led MetLife Japan to launch a thought leadership campaign to better amplify the study’s findings and engage Japanese stakeholders to address these concerns. 
How we support the Goals
  • We provide targeted insurance products for the underserved around the world and work across our markets to democratize access to financial planning and security.
  • Our institutional investment management business, MIM, evaluates investments for ESG criteria, including fair labor practices and human rights issues.
  • In 2017, MetLife Foundation launched Common Cents Lab (CCL) as a financial decision-making lab at Duke University to dig into how we can better leverage predictable human behavior to design products and services that support the healthy financial choices people want to make, but find difficult. Now in its fourth year, the Lab uses behavioral science to help people improve their financial decision-making by focusing on what motivates people’s decisions and how financial products/services can help meet those needs through pilots and tweaking existing products.
  • MetLife Foundation supports the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), which provides low- and moderate-income individuals with the skills they need to gain meaningful employment and manage their money through budgeting, building good credit, and saving for education and retirement.
  • Our CEO Michel Khalaf signed on to the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge, the largest CEO-driven diversity initiative of its kind, publicly committing to taking a series of steps to significantly advance our progress in diversity and inclusion. 

How we support the Goals
  • We have achieved carbon neutrality across our global corporate office portfolio, Auto & Home, and employee business travel for four consecutive years. As a carbon neutral company, our first priority is to integrate sustainability best practices across our global operations and drive continuous improvements in waste, water, energy, and carbon reductions.
  • We achieved all of our 2020 environmental goals.
  • MIM became a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2019, committing to adopt and implement PRI’s six Principles across its investing portfolio.
  • MetLife is a founding member of and an active participant in the Climate Leadership Council, a collaboration among policy, business, and environmental leaders to promote an equitable, cost-effective climate solution for the U.S. economy.
  • As of December 31, 2019, MIM managed more than $18 billion in green investments.
  • MetLife installed 86 electric vehicle charging stations across our offices in the U.S., available free of charge to employees at our major U.S. campuses.
  • Globally, 25% of our buildings — representing more than 4.2 million square feet of space — are certified by the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design program (LEED). Ten of these offices have achieved LEED Platinum certification — the highest level of distinction awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council.

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