MetLife Legacy TreesTM

Dec 15, 2023

The Legacy Trees Program is our pledge to plant a tree in honor of each loved one for whom MetLife has paid a Group Life Insurance benefit1. While serving as a living memorial for our insureds, the program will also fight deforestation, provide clean air, shade cover and habitat for animals, while reducing erosion and flooding in communities.

"We are honored to partner with MetLife to help cultivate hope and healing through their Legacy Trees program. As a living tribute to the MetLife community, this program is helping to create more resilient forests and restore vital ecosystems that need it most. Through this collaboration, each tree becomes a legacy that helps build a healthier, more sustainable future for the planet."

– Dan Lambe, Chief Executive of the Arbor Day Foundation

A Timeline of Progress

 a fimeline progress stats from 2018 t0 2024

Hurricane Michael left thousands of acres of destroyed forest cover in its wake. In addition to providing drinking water for nearly 175,000 residents, these areas are also home to wildlife, including the gopher tortoise, bobwhite quail, Sherman’s fox squirrel, deer, turkey, and more2.

Our Tree Planting Partners

Our Tree Planting Partners

photograph by Matthew Coughlin

MetLife partners with the Arbor Day Foundation and their network of local tree planting partners to implement our tree planting program.

As the world’s largest member nonprofit dedicated to planting trees, the Arbor Day Foundation has been inspiring people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees since 1972. And that simple mission has had a global impact. For over 50 years, the Foundation has worked to plant over 500 million trees in forests and communities around the world. And through their strong network of members, partners, and supporters, the Foundation is working to plant another 500 million trees over the next 5 years.

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Environmental Statistics Per Tree* 

Avoided and sequestered CO2 per tree (In pounds):


* Projected 40-year estimates based on a small representative species in this area, configured by Arbor Day Foundation using i-Tree Tools.

Farmer cleaning the farm
photograph by Matthew Coughlin


Mark and Joanne Monroe

Has MetLife

Has MetLife planted a tree for your loved one?

Frequently Asked Questions

The trees are planted at the best suitable planting time for the region, within a given calendar year.

The Arbor Day Foundation thoroughly vets planting partners and project teams to ensure that trees are responsibly planted and maintained throughout the entire project process. While Mother Nature can be difficult to predict, you can rest easy knowing that the Arbor Day Foundation and its partners strive to create healthy, thriving forests.

We are planting one tree for each deceased insured individual of MetLife Group Benefits life insurance. There is no limit on how many trees we will plant. 

Our planting partners select and plant trees native to the specific area. Trees planted through this initiative are 6 – 10 inch seedlings.

All plantings are completed by contracted professional tree planters and are overseen and assessed by foresters on the grounds.

You are welcome to visit the forest area, if desired. While there is a tree planted for every insureds, there are not plaques or markers on the trees to commemorate that they are MetLife trees.

No, there is no option to opt out or make special requests related to the trees. A tree will be planted for every insured individual for whom MetLife has paid a Group Life Insurance benefit. There is no cost to the beneficiary or policyholder.

No, the MetLife Legacy TreesTM program only applies to Group Life Insurance insureds. 

Learn more about MetLife sustainability efforts 

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1 Excludes life insurance used to finance benefit liabilities including but not limited to Corporate Owned Life Insurance, Company Owned Life Insurance, and Bank Owned Life Insurance.

Source: Arbor Day Foundation.